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There are some crazy energies stirring around in the world right now, and chances are you have been feeling it! The first retrograde of the year is coming soon, and from now until then things will be feeling a bit off.

During this shift, we might not quite be aware of what is happening within our being, but we are learning. We are becoming more and more capable and identifying with our purposes in this life. We are all working towards the same thing no matter how different our purpose is. Sure, this shift might be throwing you through the ringer, but it will, in the long run, bring you out on top.

Whether you just face the emotional side of things or end up experiencing full-blown DNA activation it is up to the universe and depends on your abilities. Most true healers will be activated. During this shift, the connection between us and every other living thing will become more prominent. You will be able to better understand it and accept it.

Do not let negative people run rampant in your life, they will only bring you down. This shift can make or break even the most spiritually charged people. If you want to make it through this kind of thing you have to call on your guides to protect and help you along the way. You may go from lacking energy to really opening up, but the energies before you are not going to be as simple to face as you might wish they were.

If you are an empath, lightworker, healer, or anything else of the sort this energetic shift is going to be especially hard on you. It will have you questioning everything and struggling. You need to remember that spreading the truth and helping others is your purpose, nothing else matters right now. Be as mindful as possible and buckle up for the ride.

Have you been feeling these peculiar energies? Perhaps this cleared some things up for you. Everything happens for a reason!