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On July 2nd, we are going to encounter a total new moon solar eclipse in Cancer. To add even more energetic change, it will occur on the same day as the new moon.

Surrounding this event, the intense energies are going to be a combination of the new beginnings brought by the new moon, but also the exhilarating opportunities which come with a solar eclipse. Past feelings of stagnation will be lifted, and if you have been holding back on proceeding with a new project or endeavor- now is the time.

Now is the time to make the much-needed changes you have been holding back on starting. And with various doors of opportunity at your footsteps, what is holding you back?

Cancer will also present a massive influx of energy, leading us to feel more emotionally connected to our families and our home life. Relationships that have been placed on the back burner may find their way to the forefront, as our priorities align with the shared values of Cancer signs. Conversely, it is also time to redesign our boundaries.

What are we willing to accept in our relationships and where do we draw the line? As home and family life edge into the zone of priority, we may be reassessing some of those bonds, and focus on giving ourselves the love we need most.

Associated with the Goddess, Cancer reminds us that while we may not have motherly energies in our life from outside sources, we still have the power within to nurture ourselves. We must tune into our intuition. Use this time to find out what is missing from your life, and what needs to go. Set your intentions for a new beginning during the New Moon by letting go of what no longer serves you, and by setting your intentions to manifest what does.