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While empaths, introverts, and HSPs are not all the exact same type of personality, they all experience burnout symptoms after being in social situations. If you have never experienced this, it can be hard to understand just how difficult it can be, but if you know what I am talking about, then you will appreciate this simple survival guide.

We are all affected in different ways by the world around us. HSP (highly sensitive people), empaths, and introverts just all happen to react negatively to the many vibrations that come with large groups and public outings. While they can handle things in small doses, the more they’re out and about the more overwhelmed they become. This for different reasons depending on which one you’re looking into but still forcing the person to become quite anxious and feel very out of place.

For those who might not know, what each of these kinds of people are I will be breaking them down below and going over what sets them apart from one another but also what makes them similar. Chances are you could be one of these things without being aware of it. If you struggle with the things noted above it might be well worth looking into.


Highly sensitive people are those who are very sensitive. Their senses work much better than those of the rest of the world and because of this they become overloaded quite quickly. People who are highly sensitive cannot handle being in large crowds or uncomfortable situations as they become overwhelmed very easily.

HSP avoid violent movies, withdraw during busy days and seem to avoid most situations that might bring them anxiety. They get frustrated easily and are unable to control themselves sometimes. While they do come across as a bit peculiar they are still normal people, just a bit more gifted with their senses than most.


Empaths are a bit more spiritual than you might expect. They are people who can sense the emotions of others and absorb them without thinking. They take on these emotions as if they were their own and it tends to cause them a lot of grief. Oftentimes they cannot differentiate between the things they are feeling and in crowds become overwhelmed by the energies before them.

Very much like the HSP, the empath avoids violence as well but is much more tuned into his or her intuition. These kinds of people can tell when someone is lying or if someone has bad intentions. They are a force to be reckoned with.


Introverts are quite unique. They are people who prefer to be in calm relaxed environments. They do not often do well when in busy fast paced situations. They tend to feel quite drained after socializing and have to retreat back on their own to be able to regain their energies. They respond to things much differently than most other people do. Instead of wanting to go out and have fun the introvert usually wants to sit home and watch TV or play video games.

Introverts do have friends but tend to keep their circles small. You do not find them making small talk often and they normally love to be creative. They are not necessarily shy but do often get labeled as such.

Now, something all of these people have in common is that they need time alone to recharge and need to be able to relax. That is not something that is always possible so being aware of the ways to calm down in the moment will be very beneficial. Below I am going to go over some of the most important survival tips for those who fall into these three categories. While you might not be able to remove yourself from the situation completely doing these things will keep you from breaking down.

Tips and Tricks All Empaths, HSP, and Introverts Need To Be Aware Of:

Tip #1 – Protect Your Personal Space

Don’t let people get too close. There is nothing wrong with letting someone know that they are in your bubble. As a human being you are allowed to distance yourself from the people around you if you feel you need to. Sure, you might not be able to leave just yet but you can keep someone that you don’t want near you out of your personal space.

Sure, confronting them might be a bit scary but it is a lot easier than you might think. You absorb the energies and vibes coming off of the people around you so avoiding that is important if you’re already overwhelmed. Your physical body is yours and no one else’s if someone is being overly touchy let them know.

Trick#2 – Ground Yourself

Grounding is important and if you can step away for a minute you can really benefit your own well-being. Take off your shoes and go for a short walk in nature. Allow yourself to relax and feel the Earth under your toes. This is much more relaxing than most people realize.

Tip #3 – Stop To Breathe

Close your eyes and just breathe. Allow yourself to breathe in and out without any thoughts coming into your mind. Doing this will help clear things out and set you up without letting things go over the ledge. With each breath you take remind yourself that you are almost done and that you can carry on.

While breathing exercises don’t work for everyone when you’re in the moment they are better than nothing. When under stress many of us forget how important this kind of thing can be. If you feel like things are becoming ‘too much’ I urge you to give this a go.

Trick #4 – Take A Break

There is nothing wrong with taking a break when you need one. Find a quiet place off on your own and relax for a moment. This could be as simple as a trip to the bathroom or well, anything you see fit. Most of the time just a few moments will be enough to bring the balance that you need to get yourself through the situation at hand.

Tip #5 – White Light Meditation

If you feel like you are being drained or becoming a bit in over your head giving yourself a moment to meditate might benefit you. Close your eyes and sit comfortably. Using your mind’s eye envision a white light coming from within your body. This light will radiate outward and surround you.

This light is a light that will protect you and once you’ve finished meditating will still be there. It will help ward off negative energies and keep others from draining you for all you’re worth.

Tip #6 – Speak your Positive Affirmations

Remind yourself verbally that you are able to get through this and that you are strong. While it might not seem like much by speaking these words out loud you are bringing power to them. In bringing power to them you are also building confidence and power within your own being.

While not all of these will work for everyone I am sure that some of them will be able to help you. Which ones have you tried? I for one practice white light meditation every single day and have seen it work wonders in my own life.

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