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Just because someone says they are sorry does not mean they actually are. If you’re not paying attention to the actions of those around you, you’re probably missing some huge signs.

Don’t keep letting someone take advantage of you because they say they will change. If they don’t prove their words through with their actions they don’t deserve your time or effort. Saying one thing and doing another is manipulation and the sooner we realize that the better. 

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs of manipulation that we as human beings need to be looking out for. If people are doing these things to us or around us, we should not be allowing them so close. Distance in many cases is our best option, don’t be a toy for someone else to play with.

6 Signs You’re Being Manipulated:

1. Someone is using your insecurities against you.

When someone is constantly using the things that you’re insecure about against you, don’t take it lightly. They’re doing this on purpose. They want to get under your skin, so they can gain more control over you.

2. You’re being emotionally blackmailed and not given much time to think things through.

Emotional blackmail happens more often than you might think. This is when someone uses the way you feel about them against you. They might say something like ‘if you love me you’ll do this’ or things of that nature. They also don’t give you any time to think things through. They want them done right then and there.

3. Someone is always going out of their way to make you feel unreasonably guilty.

When someone in our lives wants to get us to do something he or she might use guilt as a tool. This meaning that they may bring up something they’ve done for you before to get you to give in. If you are too overwhelmed or don’t want to do something, you don’t have to give in please keep that in mind.

4. Nothing you do is ever good enough.

Sometimes people use us and use us all the while never giving us the credit we deserve. You might do all you can and more but that still won’t be good enough for your manipulator. These kinds of people always want more even when you have nothing else to give.

5. You’re always doubting yourself.

Manipulative people are good at gaslighting. They make us doubt ourselves and our own minds in many ways. The more you try to figure things out the more they will make you doubt yourself. You’d be quite surprised at how skilled they are when it comes to this kind of thing.

6. Someone is always saying mean things and pretending to be joking.

Manipulators are always going to be mean whether you realize it or not. They say and do things that they want to get under your skin with. They might pretend to be joking once you’re upset, but they aren’t joking and you know it. They’re quite vicious with the things they say and do.