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For quite some time, Amazon has been the place to go for pretty much everything. New book? Amazon’s got you covered. New bathing suit? Covered? Tiny guest house? Yep, even that!

Tiny houses and sheds have become increasingly popular over the years, with more and more people reaching for them. Some choose to use them to live full time, taking their entire lives off-grid and simplifying for an easier life. Others, however, choose to use these as tiny offices, tiny guest houses, and even little hobby houses. Needless to say, I am here for all of the above! Perhaps the best part is how inexpensive they are to buy, how easy they are to build, and how small they are. They serve exactly the purpose you buy them for, nothing more and nothing less.

Just recently, as I was shamefully scrolling through Amazon, I realized they sold tiny houses. Of course, I had to look. I came across one that got me thinking. Listed as the Allwood Arlanda XL Cabin Studio Garden house, this little cabin provides just enough space for a garden house, pool house, or guest house. Really, it could be whatever you want.

The limit is based on its space, which is a tight 227 square feet. But, there is definitely enough room for this space to be useful for many purposes. Perhaps the best thing is the time it takes to build it, which is roughly 3-5 days for two adults.

The main portion of the home appears with large glass windows, providing an open element. It would be really nice for a plot of land overlooking the mountains or even a lake. The rest of the home is made from Nordic wood and according to the description, you can stack these for multiple levels.

And if this one isn’t quite what you are looking for, the good news is that there are PLENTY of options on Amazon for other tiny homes.