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In recent times a bracelet has been shaking the internet because of its interesting features. While it looks similar to a watch you cannot use it to tell the time but it might help you save some money.

If you are someone who tends to spend more money than you should, this bracelet might be exactly what you need to add to your life. It is called the Pavlok bracelet and described as a ‘habit conditioning device.’ While the price is a bit steep considering it is about 200 bucks but many say it is quite worth it.

The description of this product is listed as follows on Amazon’s website:

UPGRADE YOUR LIFE: Used by over 50,000 people to break habits ranging from smoking to oversleeping. Download the app, and choose the habit you want to break to start upgrading your life!

CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR: Breaks bad habits via zaptic feedback, based on 80 years of science-backed, aversion therapy studies. Other wearables track what you’ve already done, only Pavlok 2 can help you change your behavior. As an exclusive bonus, you will receive our eBook Habit Change by Maneesh Sethi & the Pavlok Team!

IT’S TIME TO MOVE FORWARD: How do you want to move forward? What habits are standing in your way? Partner with Pavlok and get moving towards an upgraded life NOW!

GET ON TRACK: Pavlok 2 comes with a newer, faster processor, longer battery life, better bluetooth connectivity, motion sensors that “learn” from your actions, and zap, beep, or vibe functions. All so you can not only break bad habits but start building good ones! Pavlok integrates with sensors, friends, internet browsers, phone apps, GPS, and more to keep you on track with your goals.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY: Use the Pavlok Core app (Android and iOS) to adjust device settings & engage with habit breaking courses. Get support from the Pavlok community, chat with coaches, and track your progress, all on your mobile device.

The more honest you are with yourself the more positive the change this device can make in your life. If you give yourself a shock every time you do something you shouldn’t, you will be able to cut bad habits over time. Sure, this won’t happen overnight and it will take some effort on your part but it can work wonders if done properly. 

Many people in the review section for this product on Amazon have had great experiences with this device and used it to do everything from spend less money to quitting their smoking habit. People are able to use this device for whatever bad habits they want to stop and so its use is quite universal. Would you use this kind of thing in your life? I for one think I would be more than glad to give it a go.

For more information and a bit of a review on the product itself please feel free to check out the video below. Things like this are truly amazing and in the right hands can do so much. I for one might be adding one to my life very soon.