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We all have a checklist of things we do before we leave our homes for a short period of time, but leaving a coin in our freezer isn’t usually one of those. But should it be?

While it doesn’t sound normal, it’s actually quite brilliant. Being a germaphobe, I am constantly looking for ways to practice food safety in my home. And when I stumbled upon this gem, well I have been practicing it ever since.

And as we often cringe upon hearing new tips and trips, especially those that are lengthy, this one is pretty simple.

All you do is, take a small container, and then fill it full of water, and then allow it to freeze. Now, when it is fully frozen, you need to place a quarter on the top. Stick it back in your freezer. The reason you do this is that as you look at this over time when the quarter drops and eases it’s a way to the bottom, it means it has defrosted and the food inside your fridge is melted.

When our freezers defrost, during storms and during times in which our power goes out, we may not realize it we are out of town. However, if the power goes out while you are away, this trick will save you so much time and worry!