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Whether it’s a friendship, family connection, or romantic situation, relationships, in general, have rules. These are often unspoken but they are present nonetheless.

Do you know the rules of your relationships? Are there people you’re more closed off with than others? Perhaps you’ve applied rules to co-workers or even just throughout the years made it an implied rule that your partner make breakfast each morning or something like that? These are all things we do without even realizing it.

Rules in relationships actually come in handy. While they need to be flexible within reason, they should be present. This helps you to live your best life and your partner to also live his or her best life when it comes to romantic situations. Personally one of the best-unspoken rules is that we need to respect one another properly and not ignore boundaries. You don’t have to be strict with one another or run each other ragged with chores or things of that nature to be comfortable and happy.

The rules we allow to fall in place with our relationships allow us to manage things more properly. They keep us from causing unnecessary issues and can help manage conflict in some ways. They open the waves of communication and if you and your partner follow them once you’ve set them in place or allowed them to fall in line, you will notice that things run a lot smoother.

Take a moment to think about your closest relationships, what are the rules that come with them? Are there any you can think of? Even the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.

One rule in my romantic relationship is that when things get heated, and we’re worked up we take a moment to be apart and think things through so that we can calm down and address the issue head-on with the proper mind-set. We don’t ever just dive into arguing without hearing one another out. Doing something like that will only push us backward and that’s not what my partner and I want at all. Because we are on the same page in this, we are able to grow together and work through the things that try to get in our way, and honestly, it’s beautiful.

Don’t underestimate your connection with someone, you could be more tuned in to one another than you realize.