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Right now all planets are direct and none of them are retrograding. While we have several retrogrades coming up, the next one won’t begin until the night of April 25th going into the 26th. 

While all planets are direct we should work to achieve more as the energies of the celestial bodies operate smoothly. You see, when a planet is retrograding it is thrown out of whack and as a result so are we. This brief period of peace has been going on since March 9th but most people have not stopped to truly appreciate it.

When these planets are direct we are offered the most from their energies. For instance, when Venus is direct we are able to really work wonders in our relationships and when Mars is direct we are able to work harder in our lives as a whole. Not only are we able to see new opportunities more properly, but we are also able to focus more on long-term success which for many is quite out of character. 

Right now is your chance and mine to truly take back control. We only have a few more days left and while ten might sound like a lot, it’s really not. With Pluto going retrograde on the 26th, we are running out of time. Making the most of these energies is crucial. 

Work through your own plans and really something worthwhile into action. Making things happen might sound like a lot to you but when you begin putting yourself out there it’s not as intense as you’d expect. You are truly capable of so much more and right now is the best chance you’re going to be given this year to focus on your dreams. Even making small progress right now could have huge effects in the future. 

Sure, retrogrades are important and they teach us powerful lessons but the time between them is important as well. Right now you should be making your moves and whether that’s proposing to your lover, finding a new job, or something else entirely is up in the air for you to decide. What will you make of the energies around you right now? Sure, they feel a bit out of place but as time passes you will begin to understand them more properly.

Things are not always what they seem and you’re growing in big ways. Life goes on and always will but you must make the most of it. How are you feeling right now while these planets are direct? I for one am feeling quite content considering how things are going over in the world around us at the moment.