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September is the 9th month of the year, and because of that it is represented by the number 9. The number 9 is one that brings forth wisdom but can also be very emotional.

The number 9 is the last of the cardinal numbers and easily the most sophisticated. It while similar to 6 holds so much more consciousness surrounding it. It is a number that promotes connections and brings forth something we have all been searching for.

September with the help of the number 9 is going to be a very powerful month for us all. Now, we all have our own personal year numbers. And those numbers mean different things for each of us. Those numbers effects are going to be enhanced during September because of the power of 9.

While this might sound a bit confusing, please stay with me. If you are already someone familiar with numerology you are well aware of your personal year number but if you are not you can figure out what yours is by adding your birth month and birth date together then breaking it down with the year you are currently in.

For instance, if your birthday is July 24, that would be 6 as the month and 24 as the day (24 broken down into 2 plus 4 which is 6). Now, take the current year which for us is 2018. This would be 2 plus 0 plus 1 plus 8 which makes 11 (or 1 plus 1 which is 2). This meaning we are left with 6 plus 6 plus 2. That gives us 14 broken down to 1 plus 4 which means our personal year number is 5.

Now, once you have your personal year number figured out you can continue on to figure out what September might be holding for you. September and the power of 9 are going to be focusing on one thing for each of us and through that, we will grow. While it might not be easy, it will be necessary.


Your personal year number is all about new beginnings which September might really kick into gear. Follow your intuition during this time and really believe in yourself. This month might really allow you to overcome all of that unfinished business you were not able to overcome in the months before.


Your personal year number is all about love. You are going to be focused solely on those you feel deeply for. You are going to be feeling very intense as time passes and that intensity is not going to face. Your best bet for this month is slowing down and focusing on the people who matter most in your life.


Your personal year number is one of self-improvement. You will be challenged in many ways. This month is probably going to be best spent through developing your sense of creativity and working through your own passions.


Your personal year number is one that brings you to a new sense of self. It is the number of all foundations and helps you really build the things you have been missing out on in your own life. While it is no easy number to be stuck with it is a very productive one.


Your personal year number is one that tells us you need change. You are going to be headed in a new direction whether you like it or not. The more open you are the better.


Your personal year number is going to have you finally taking responsibility. You are going to be working hard and making a difference in your own life and the lives closest to you. You are ready for any and everything that comes your way. Even if it is hard, you will make it through. During this time focus on giving.


Your personal year number is one that allows you to finally work within. You have been far too neglectful of your true self for much longer than you’re willing to admit. This is finally the time for you to get everything in order. You should be focusing on really moving out of the victimhood and into something that allows you to grow into the person you are meant to be.


Your personal year number is going to bring you to a lot of ups and downs. You will be focusing on bettering yourself financially for most of the year but September is a point where you should be cleaning up not only your household but also your thoughts. Harboring any negativity is not going to benefit you in the long-run.


Your personal year number is going to have you finally letting go of things you have been holding onto for too long. You will be freeing yourself from burdens you might not have realized you even had. Focus on bettering yourself and ignore what other people say.

Image via Mystical Raven