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Tons of people think that telling those around them to just think positively will save their lives. That in thinking positively their problems no longer matter, has anyone ever tried to delegitimize your issues by doing this?

Thinking positively is doing nothing for the few of us who are aware of what is really going on in this life. Osho a special spiritual guru of sorts has actually gone so far as to say that thinking positive is the biggest bullshit philosophies he has ever come across. He truly believes as I do that this positive thinking trend is doing more harm than good.

It appeals to mediocre minds and in most cases when it comes to positive thinking you aren’t supposed to see the negative side of well, anything. In this, the negative things fall through the cracks, but they are still there. Lingering, they do not go away. We need to negative as it is very much a part of life as the positive is. These two things balance one another.

Osho says that it is harmful to us to repress these negative emotions. For more on Osho and what he has to say on why he believes thinking positive is bullshit please take the time to watch the video below. Enjoy!