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For those who may not be aware, an eclipse is something that happens on rare occasions. It can be either partial or solar and consists of the sun or moon being blocked by the Earth’s shadow.

Each different kind of eclipse holds its own energies. They are all designed by the universe itself to put us on the right path in life and bring us to where we need to be whether we want to accept their powers or not. These eclipses are charged the days before and days following the event itself. Chances are, you’ll be feeling them quite intensely this year considering the number of eclipses set to occur.

In 2018, we went through a lot of celestial events but in 2019 we are set to have a total of 5 eclipses. Some solar and some lunar, these will both bring forth an earthy energy that you probably have not felt in quite some time. Because 2019 is a year of preparation it is going to be quite intense but not in the ways that you might assume.

The eclipses for 2019 are as follows:

Partial Solar Eclipse – January 5th-6th

Total Lunar Eclipse Jan 20th-21st

Total Solar Eclipse – July 2nd

Partial Lunar Eclipse – July 16th-17th

Annular Solar Eclipse – December 26th

While not all of these will be visible to you depending on where you are int he world, you will be able to reap the effects of their energies. During the year to come, you should pay close attention to your own wants and needs. Remember that eclipses are not as scary as we make them out to be. The more positivity we push into the world the further we will end up in general.

The eclipses of January are going to bring forth a little insight and remind you of where you’re trying to end up. Depending on how you are affected you may find yourself really searching within. During this time do your best to make new goals and work through the ones that need to be let go of.

Each period of eclipses we have during 2019 will hold something different for each of us. Sometimes these eclipses can make small impacts but for the most part, they do a lot more than you’d think. Do not resist the changes to come and work to make the realizations that the universe is putting before you.

The first half of the year will be a lot higher energy than the last few months so do your best to not allow them to wear you down. Work on grounding yourself and making the most of the energies heading your way. While 2018 is coming to an end, 2019 is going to offer you a lot more than you think.

While it might seem a bit crazy, the more you work with these energies the more content you will be. The way you react to the world around you makes a huge difference in how this kind of thing plays out.