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Now that we are finally getting through the first month of 2021, we are beginning to see just how intense the energies are for this year. This year is going to be one that helps us grow in some of the most amazing ways. 

We are facing a time of rebirth and that is something that none of us can deny. The energies around us are setting all of us up to really make some serious changes in our lives and moving forward I think we can all agree this is something we have seriously been needing for a while now. Sure, 2020 was a shitshow but 2021 is going to really help us find firm footing and replace the things that need replacing. 

If you are energy sensitive I am sure you can already feel this kind of thing amplifying more and more as the days pass. We are all seeking more connections and working to really put plans in action that will pay off in the long-run. As we move into February I know that in itself will become more and more apparent. wrote as follows on some of the energies we will be facing as this year continues to unfold:

We will begin the year of 2021 by riding the wave of energy initiated by the recent Great Conjunction in Aquarius. This really gave us the opportunity to end the year of 2020 on a bit of a hopeful and optimistic note. It became known as the “Christmas Star” and served as a literal beacon in the dark and foggy night of what had been a rather insufferable year. This event signaled a palpable shift of energy from Capricorn into Aquarius, and initiated a new cycle in our society. We are now moving on from 200 years of earth-focused energy to a brand new 200-year period of air-focused energy. We’re moving from gravity to levity, from heavy to light, from slow and methodical to fast and energetic. This is the true shift to the New Age: the information age, the age of interconnectedness, the opportunity to create a truly integrated global village of ideas.

But again, it starts small. It starts on the personal level. It starts with all of us. How can we, as individuals, begin to form better connections, strengthen our communities, improve the quality and capacity of our social networks? This year of 2021 is set to begin with an incredible surge of energy for social growth, as expansive Jupiter begins to separate from its conjunction with restrictive Saturn and blaze a trail through innovative and socially-aware Aquarius. We will also experience an incredible urge to burst forth into the new year. Jupiter’s characteristic optimism and exuberance will stimulate us to grow beyond our previous limitations. It will motivate us to seek out new ideas and deeper truths. In Aquarius, this means a more detached and rational way of seeing the world. While Capricorn is all about attachment: whether it be to our old habits, our cherished possessions or our tried and true ways of doing things, Aquarius invites us to shed those old patterns and find new ways of being, to innovate, to invent and to reform.

In the first 6 months of the year, Jupiter will actually speed through the entire 30º of the sign of Aquarius, and even begin to dip its toes into Pisces by the time of the Summer Solstice on June 20th, at which time it will then station retrograde. So with this energy pattern, we could expect to see many of the grassroots social movements that emerged and fomented during 2020 to continue to grow in reach and scope during the first half of 2021. Many people will be feeling a need to participate in something real, something meaningful, to be a part of some cause to effect the changes they desire to see in the world. This should bolster the ranks of many of the grassroots organizations. There is also a tremendous potential for the various factions within these movements to unite under a common cause and interconnect their networks as a means of mutually empowering their various progressive platforms.

I know, this might sound pretty damn intense but everything that happens in this world happens for a reason. We are meant to grow through the things before us and while some of the situations we end up in might be uncomfortable, we can get through them. We are all working to begin again and that in itself is a marvelous thing. There is great power brewing within each and every one of us and as the days continue to pass, that much will become more and more clear.

This period of rebirth is important for all of us, and we should not take it for granted. We are going to be going through a lot as the months pass us by and the experiences we face now will shape our futures. Things are really going to be looking up when all is said and done.