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All too often we forget how truly strong women can be. They face so much in this world and yet many are able to still find their worth and remain in control of their own lives.

With all of the toxicity that is pushed forth day in and day out that aims to drive women down, it is magical to see a lady on top and doing what she knows she will be most happy in doing. Sure, she might have been through some terrible relationships or rough points in her life, but she has been able to overcome all of it. Strong women need to be given more credit in this life than they are and if you’re one of those strong women you need to be reminded of how truly amazing you are.

Most people when rejected, dumped, hurt, or anything of the sort withdraw and close themselves off, but she never does. She knows how to think things through and find her inner sense of peace that allows her to move forward. Instead of obsessing over a break up she looks within her own mind and works to find the parts of herself that she lost throughout her time in that relationship as a whole.

Strong women know when to stop and think, when to sit down and give themselves the time that they need, they do not dive into anything without really putting their brains to use. They never end up stuck wondering why they weren’t worth it or how they could have done things differently because they know that no matter what the past is not something that can be changed.

Strong women keep moving forward because they know that at the end of the day that is what must be done. While they feel pain and go through struggles just like everyone else, they meet their own needs and rely on the one person who will never let them down. They know their own potential and strive to make the most out of the future they’re working towards.

Strong women make some of the hardest decisions, they cut ties with people they love with all of their heart, and they never allow those who wish to do them harm to stick around. They don’t give up on themselves, and they know that they do not need to look for happiness externally. All of the mistakes we make when we are young shape us into who we turn out to be, and she managed to grow into one of the most beautiful butterflies this planet has ever seen.

Strength is not one size fits all and it looks different for each and every one of us. If you’re a woman who thinks that perhaps you’re not carrying as much weight as you should be or could be, give yourself a moment to really go over all you’ve been through. Chances are you’re a lot stronger than you realize at the moment and that strength is forever increasing as each day passes by.

If you know someone who seems to somehow remain powerful even in moments of hard times, remind them of how important they are to you and how proud you are of them for the way that they are able to carry themselves. You might be surprised at how truly comforting that small piece of respect can be. While the world we live in currently is pretty messed up, these women are capable of bringing forth so much change.