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Strong women might be some of the most interesting and fun women to have around, but they aren’t toys to be played with. If you mistreat them, they will set their limits and wait for you to try to cross them.

Sure, she might love you and she might want to be in your life, but if you’re bringing her down and refusing to fix yourself in the ways that you need to, she won’t beg you to change. She won’t wait around for the world to finally smack you in the face, she knows how short our lives are, and she isn’t interested in wasting time. Strong women know how to walk away, and that in itself is something everyone should remember about them, period.

Of course, leaving is going to hurt her too, but she is able to overcome that pain and figure things out for herself. She will go through heartbreak in all the ways other people do, but she will remain powerful through it all. She will accept that something about the two of you being together doesn’t work, and that being apart is better for both of you.

“She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like freshwater.” 
― Roman Payne

If you want her to remain in your life you have to prove to her that you’re willing to make the differences in life that need to be made. She needs to see the efforts being put forth, and she needs to be made aware of things that are happening between the two of you. Sure, there will be setbacks, but communication is the one thing that will keep the two of you together.

There is no easy way to keep things going, but without being there for one another properly you won’t stand a chance. You need to grow as a person, and she needs to be able to see it. She will be able to tell if you don’t really want her, and she won’t be the kind to allow you to make a fool of her. If you’re not appreciating her, she will find someone who can and does. You might be someone she cares for more than anyone else, but if you are not deserving of her, she won’t let you waste her time.

To learn more on this topic and mental strength in itself which is something strong women hold a lot of, check out the video below. Women do not get enough credit for being willing to walk away from things that are toxic to them, and that is something that needs to change. Do you have a strong woman in your life and do you show her that you appreciate her properly?