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Strong women are not the kinds of women who will sit around and take your sh!t. They might put up with some things but the moment they feel unwanted they are not going to be sticking around.

Strong women have been through a lot and have worked hard to get to where they are with themselves. They know their worth and are finally at a place where loving themselves is possible. Rather than putting their all into others, they put their all into themselves.

Strong women will stand by your side through whatever this world throws your way as long as you’re appreciating them properly. They will hold their own and make sure that you’re not suffering because of them in any way. They will make an effort to really be with you on a level that most others would never consider and the connection itself will truly be amazing if you treat her right. 

That all having been said, if you refuse to treat her right, and you make her feel like she’s just another option to you, she will leave you all alone. She will move on with her life and find someone else to be with or perhaps enjoy being all alone. She will not let you tear her apart, she will always hold her own. 

She will feel pain from time to time, but she will not be broken down. She will pick herself back up after that first kick, and she will walk away. That’s part of what makes her so strong. She knows when to put her feet to work. 

She won’t be the kind of person to beg you to change or cry at your feet praying for you to see the light and finally appreciate her. She will shed her tears on her own, and then she will pick up her things and walk out the door that she came in through, you will never see her again. At least, not in that way. This because once she has made up her mind there is no going back. She does not give second chances.

In the beginning, she will be optimistic and happy. She might make you feel on top of the world but as soon as you start slipping, she makes her exit. This not to say that she just jumps ship when times get rough because that’s not the case. She can tell when you’re trying and when you’re not, you can’t pull the wool over her eyes like you can everyone else. 

The moment you make her aware that you’re not as invested as you should be and that you don’t want to be with her, that’s it. While at first, you might consider this to be a good thing, and you might be glad to be free, once things sink in you will realize that you lost the most amazing woman you had ever encountered. You will miss her, and you will know you really messed up.

She did so much for you and she would have done so much more. She cared for you on a level no one else ever had or probably ever will. She was always there for you and she never let you down, but you let her down, you let her down so far that she had to climb her way back up, and she’s not going to go through that with you ever again. 

She will not let what she’s been through with you define who she is or how she moves forth. She will still look for love, and she will remain hopeful that someone out there deserves her just as much as she deserves them. You should make sure she knows that you care before it’s too late because once it’s too late, you can’t go back and make things right.