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As the polar vortex begins to weaken, it causes a stratospheric warming event, and that is happening as we speak. According to the forecast, the polar vortex will become heavily deformed, which will cause a massive impact on the Winter weather the European countries and the US will endure.

The Polar Vortex is heavily linked to the weather, especially during the colder months. The reason for this is as the polar regions begin to cool, the sun lowers and less energy reaches the North Pole. While temperatures drop in the polar areas, the weather remains warm in the south.

This is what causes a massive difference between the polar and tropical regions, which in turn causes pressure in the Northern Hemisphere. We can actually see the Polar Vortext extending up into the atmosphere, and the lower level of the atmosphere is the stratosphere.

Our Polar Vortex behaves much like a large cyclone, which covers the North Pole.

Currently, the NOAA is forecasting that the stratosphere is beginning to see temperature rises, which will result in a warming wave. The temperatures in the stratosphere have been warming since the beginning of January, just after record-cold temperatures in the middle stratosphere. However, this is just the beginning according to forecasts. Because of this, we could see record highs this year, especially for the winter.

Throughout the rest of the winter time, we may see a few more drops in the Northwest and Midwest, while the rest of the nation sees a record-warm winter. These record highs are likely to persist throughout the rest of the year.

Of course, it’s important to stay tuned into the global weather patterns, as shifts could occur. However, for now, it’s very likely that many of us will be enduring weather patterns that are unlike what we typically endure.