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The year 2019 is about to begin and with that, you might be wondering what is to come. Sure, you’ve looked into the things to come but do you know what they mean to you?

And while astrology isn’t without flaws, if you read its messages and predictions with an open mind, it is likely you will find something for you in each submission you read.

The year 2019 is going to be intense and interesting for each and every one of us in different ways. This sneak peek into the future might be exactly what you need to get you set up as you should be. What kinds of things is the year to come holding for you?


This year is going to be the year in which you begin acting more freely. You will be coming out of your shell and really transforming into a more ‘you’ version of yourself. While you’re normally a bit closed off that will not be the case as this year progresses.

You are going to remain quite hard-working and get a lot done all the while putting your skills to the text in a big way. Just remember to think things through before you carry them out. There is more going on than you might see at first glance.


This year is going to bring you to a very confusing point in your life. You are going to be working hard to maintain the connections you currently have and really trying to find someone you can count on. While things will be a bit frustrating, you will figure them out eventually.

Pay close attention to the actions of those around you and stop obsessing over words. Be more inspired and allow your intuition to guide you in the ways it has been trying to. There is something you’re overlooking that needs to be noticed.


This year is going to remind you why you are with the person you are with romantically. You are going to be facing a lot of different things together and all of your hard work is about to pay off. Positive changes are about to come forth and you might be a lot more productive in the months to come.


This year is going to be making you take a serious look at what you need and do not need in your life. You are going to begin seeing people for who they are instead of who you wish they would be. While you will be changing jobs and going through a lot you will also be figuring out where you want to go in life. For some reason, you’ve been in limbo the past few months and all of that is about to change.


This year you are going to be coming across someone that needs you more than you could ever imagine. This person is going to help you grow in ways you have been needing to and you might not notice them right off the bat. Keep your eyes open and stop closing yourself off. While you cannot always be there for the people around you, this one really needs you in a big way.

You are going to be more generous and working to find yourself as this year progresses. Perhaps you will finally figure out what you want in life and in love. Don’t let your head sway your heart.


This year you need to let go of some of that baggage you’ve been carrying and will do exactly that. As time passes by, you will realize just how important the people closest to you are. While you have few friends and not many people to really go to for support the ones you do have are always there when you need them. Now is time for you to repay them for all they’ve been doing.


This year you will be jumping from one crazy idea to the next an attempting to get to know yourself on a deeper level. While you will face great heartache around the middle of the year it will all be for a specific reason. Sure, you might not be able to see the bright side but it is still there.


This year you will be paying attention to the needs and desires of the people you love the most. You will be stepping outside of your comfort zone in a big way and going the extra mile in a unique and painful way. While this is going to be hard on you, it will be beneficial.

Stick to your guns and continue working hard, everything happens for a reason. While you may notice some setbacks, everything will fall into place eventually. You have everything you need to get where you need to be.


This year you are going to be finding a new sense of completion that you have been needing for quite some time. You are the kind of person that always runs from the people who want to be with you the most. For once, you’re not going to be doing that.


This year you are going to be focusing on your body and getting to where you want to be. You are taking care of yourself and working to get in the shape you feel you need to be. This will benefit not only your physical self but also your mental and emotional self as well.


This year you will no longer be making excuses for the people in your life. You will be cutting ties and building new connections. People that aren’t going to be there for you properly are going to be making their exits in some of the most prominent ways. While this year will be hard on you it will be for a good reason.


This year will be the one that really puts things into perspective for you. You are going to be working to manage yourself in ways you normally wouldn’t. Every time someone tries to bring you down you will bounce back up and work to overcome what is pulling you backward.

As the months pass by you will begin to see where your passions lie once again. Begin building your life back to where it needs to be with a stable foundation and see how far you get. There are great things headed your way.