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Everyone we come in contact with has an effect on our aura and personal energy as a whole. While you might not see it at first, once they begin draining you the effects will become quite clear.

Every living thing on this planet has its own aura and when those things interact with our aura, we either grow higher or sink down lower. Protecting your personal energy as you move through this world is extremely important. Just because things seem to be going fine doesn’t mean you’re not at risk energetically.

If you feel especially drained after spending time with someone specific, chances are that person is feeding off your energy. While that person might not know this is what they are doing, you need to protect yourself from it. As energetic beings, having physical experiences in this world we need to keep our auras in check.

Now, before we dive into how to keep your aura in check lets go over a little more about what it is as a whole. Your aura is basically your human energy field. This is an energy field that surrounds your body even though you cannot see it. 

Everyone has one and they can vary in colors. When someone who has a more negative aura comes into our lives they can and will feed off of our more positive aura leaving us feeling terrible and our aura nowhere near as strong as it should be. While this might sound a bit odd, it’s important to be aware of for your own growth in this world.

Below I am going to go over several steps you can take or things you can do to figure out if your aura is weak or strong. If you’re feeling out of place and drained then your aura is probably in serious need of some TLC. You should always be aware of where your aura is and the condition it is in. 

5 Things You Need To Do To figure Out How Strong Your Aura Is:

1. Consider your emotions and physical body.

If you’re feeling out of place and down in the dumps then chances are there is something going on with your aura. If your aura is strong you will feel well. The strength your aura holds reflects on how you feel physically and emotionally.

2. Take your surroundings into account.

Don’t forget to consider the world around you when it comes to your aura. If your aura is strong you will be manifesting lots of things for yourself. Your life will be less hectic and you will not want for much. When your aura is weak your surroundings become quite overwhelming.

3. Meditate over your aura using your third eye.

Through meditation, you can work to see your aura on an energetic level. Using your third eye you will be able to envision what is surrounding you properly. While this isn’t easy and you will have to work at it, you can do it if you keep trying.

4. Listen to your intuitive side.

If your intuitive side is telling you that there is something wrong with your aura, there is something wrong with your aura. Your intuition won’t speak to you for no reason. Listen to your higher self when it comes to speak to you, period.

5. Note any changes that have happened and look for signs from your spirit guides.

If you’re seeing signs from your spirit guides constantly, that reminds you that you are on the right path in life then your aura is likely strong. The stronger our auras are the more changes we will face, don’t ignore them when they come before you.