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While Halloween is always magical, this year if you pay close enough attention it could be even more special than you’d expect. With The Taurids meteor shower being present throughout October you could notice quite a few shooting stars.

This shower doesn’t offer as many shooting stars as some of the other meteor showers do but it is still worth mentioning. While peak was earlier this month you will be able to see shooting stars well into November. These bringing for the chance for you to make a Halloween wish.

Because the full moon has already passed the sky will be nice and dark which also makes it even easier to see these passing fragments of things from beyond. Of course, the best area to look when it comes to this would be near the Taurus constellation as it is named after that constellation for a reason.

These shooting stars are made up of debris from the Comet Encke which is one of the most well-known in our solar system. We get to see this particular meteor shower every single year and while some years are better than others it is usually a very interesting sight. While out and about on Halloween perhaps you should take a glance at the sky. wrote as follows in regards to this particular meteor shower on their website:

The Taurids are visible practically anywhere on Earth, except for the South Pole. They appear to originate in the constellation Taurus the bull. To find Taurus, look for the constellation Orion and then peer to the northeast to find the red star Aldebaran, the star in the bull’s eye.

Don’t look directly at Taurus to find meteors; the shooting stars will be visible all over the night sky. Make sure to move your gaze around the nearby constellations. Meteors closer to the radiant have shorter trails and are more difficult to spot. If you look only at Taurus, you might miss the shooting stars with the most spectacular trails.

Trick or Treating and hunting for shooting stars at the same time sounds marvelous now, doesn’t it? For a bit more information on this interesting shower check out the video below. Will you be taking a peek at the sky from now until the end of November or are shooting stars just not your thing?