Just under the waters of the Pacific Ocean pumice (lightweight volcanic rock) is floating along. This interesting rock has a lot to offer and makes us aware that there has been a recent volcano eruption somewhere in the area.

Mid-August we were shown just how big this rock raft was and it seems to currently be larger than the island of Manhattan. This meaning it is at least 23 square miles. This while traveling through the ocean could create a lot of opportunity for the animals and life within the ocean itself. It will through its travels bring new marine life forward and create a more diverse environment.

CNN reported as follows regarding the discovery of this interesting rock raft:

ROAM crew Michael and Larissa Hoult told CNN that they had been at sea for 10 days before coming into contact with the gray floating matter one evening.

“It was quite eerie, actually,” Larissa said. “The whole ocean was matte — we couldn’t see the water reflection of the moon.”

“The rocks were kind of closing in around us, so we couldn’t see our trail or our wake at all. We could just see the edge where it went back to regular water — shiny water — at night,” Michael added, saying they could see the rock from every direction.

“It was a bit of a mystery, we didn’t know how deep it was, if we were sailing over a volcano that was active at that moment. It looked almost like there was more coming up, bubbling up from underneath,” said Larissa.

The pumice, which is filled with holes and cavities, floats like an iceberg does, with about 90% underwater and 10% above water, the pair explained.

That pumice is expected to drift with the current down to the Australian coast over the next 7-10 months, they said, where scientist believe could have a positive effect on the microorganisms there.

That’s because the floating stones can act as a home for marine organisms to nest.

You see, as this rock raft makes its way towards the Great Barrier Reef (as it seems to be working towards) this will allow for new corals and other things of the sort to plant their roots there. Researchers will be following this raft as it moves and within the next twelve months it is expected to arrive at the reef. Only time will tell the diversity it brings with it.

What do you think about all of this? Isn’t it mind-blowing how something so simple can make such a difference? I for one cannot wait to see where things go and how this plays out. Maybe this big rock can do the good we are hoping for.

To learn more on this please feel free to check out the video below. From volcanic eruption to potential savior in many ways. This could bring great changes and perhaps is something we should look more to in the future. Who knows what kinds of interesting creatures will make this rock their home.

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