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As we move into 2021, Jupiter is going to be one powerful planet that we should be keeping our eyes on. It will hold influence over a lot of us throughout the year in big ways and the more aware we are of that the better.

Right now Jupiter is in Aquarius but during May of 2021, it will be shifting into Pisces. This planet is one that has a lot to offer and below I am going to break that down a bit. While this celestial body will offer other things as well, these are some of the things this planet will be bringing to the table for each zodiac sign.


Throughout 2021 Jupiter is going to be sweeping you off your feet in big ways. It is going to be pushing you to talk to more people and do more things. You’re really going to be putting yourself out there if you give into the energies before you.


Throughout 2021 Jupiter is going to be pushing you to explore more. You’ve got a lot on your plate but you can work through that if you come up with new ways to deal with things. I know, it might sound odd but overall, you can accomplish a lot if you’re willing to see different perspectives.


Throughout 2021 Jupiter is going to be pushing you to do the right thing but that might not be easy. You’ve got a lot going on in your mind and there isn’t enough time for you to really relax. You need to give yourself a moment to process as each thing comes forth and address issues as they arise.


Throughout 2021 Jupiter for you might be helping you get through rough patches. You’ve been through a lot and the more you grow the less the past will be able to hold you back. You’ve got to figure out how to move forward and well, this year is going to provide you with exactly that.


Throughout 2021 Jupiter will be cutting people out of your life and forcing you to make hard choices. You’ve got a lot of rearranging to do within your own mind and being. This is your chance to cut out those who do not wish to see you succeed and feed back into the relationships you have with those who truly care about you.


Throughout 2021 thanks to Jupiter you’re going to be going through a lot. You’re going to be seeing someone special in a new light. While you’ve had your ups and downs, you need to be more appreciative and you’re finally going to be realizing that. Things are not always what you might expect them to be and you’re in need of some appreciation sharing, that’s for sure.


Throughout 2021 thanks to Jupiter you’re going to be feeling all over the place. Chances are you’re going to be finding new ways to do things and perhaps changing career paths. While things aren’t set in stone, you’re going to be thrown through a lot of loops.


Throughout 2021 thanks to Jupiter you’re going to finally feel settled into the things around you and feel like the energies are more positive. You’re going to be experiencing a positive change and that in itself might be more than enough for you. While 2020 has had you very down, 2021 is going to have you very up.


Throughout 2021 thanks to Jupiter you’re going to begin realizing how you’ve been treating the people in your life and how good they actually are compared to how you make them out to be. While they’re not going to be leaving you just yet you should try to appreciate them more. They won’t stick around forever.


Throughout 2021 Jupiter will bring a lot to the table and chances are you’re going to be facing a lot of chances to do more and be better. You’re going to be broadening your horizons in any way you see fit and that is going to be bringing you into a more positive headspace. Things are finally going to be looking up for you.


Throughout 2021 thanks to Jupiter you’re going to be noticing a lot of things coming your way. Sure, you might be down for a bit but remember when one door closes another opens. Start looking for the newly opened door and don’t be afraid to run through it.


Throughout 2021 thanks to Jupiter you’re going to be finding yourself in ways you never thought possible. You will be coming around to the idea that you are more than you’re made out to be and that will help you feed into your personal power. This year will be a great one for you.