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Beltane is a celebration of life that occurs on April 30 and May 1st, with April 30th being considered ‘Beltane’s Eve.’ This celebration has been a tradition among spiritualists for centuries, as it marks the peak of spring and the beginning of summer.

What makes this particular celebration all the more significant is the fact that it will coincide with a solar eclipse and a black moon. Additionally, Pluto is going retrograde and Venus is aligning with Jupiter. Needless to say, we are embarking on a massive energetic shift.

Solar eclipses bring major, fated changes into our lives. They push us in new directions, and while this can be uncomfortable and even a bit chaotic, they are extremely necessary.

The black moon that will be eclipsing the sun on this day is the second new moon within the calendar month, which is quite rare. To put this into perspective, we didn’t have a single one throughout 2021. In a typical month, we have one full moon and one new moon, but this month will provide us with two. Because new moons are associated with releasing and letting go, to make room for a new beginning, it’s almost as though we are getting a second chance to start anew this month.

Pluto is the planet that rules over life and death and transformations. Much like springtime and summer, a major theme with the Pluto retrograde is considering how life ceased throughout the winter and how it is beginning to be reborn now in the spring and summer.

Nature is a model for us as to what life is and its purpose, so it’s extremely beautiful and moving to watch life bloom, burst, and thrive throughout the sunnier months, and then slowly begin to fade throughout the winter. Just as we believe that all has come to an end, life begins to spring back into bloom, reminding us of the never-ending cycle of life and death.

There is never a time when we cannot start anew, and emerge from the ashes. If ever you feel like you have reached the end, remember, there is proof of neverending life all around us. From the trees that lose all of their leaves and then become covered again by this time of year, to the baby birds bursting from their shells and chirping all around us. Now is the time to celebrate life and to live our life to the fullest.

It’s never too late to start fresh.

Even Jupiter’s alignment with Venus is a reminder of growth and miracles aligning with our purpose on this planet. Jupiter rules over expansion, growth, and abundance, while Venus aligns us with our purpose and our soul. Right now, we are being given a portal to rediscover who we are and live our life accordingly.

Take some time during Beltane’s eve to sit with yourself and consider all of these concepts. What do you need to let go of? What is holding you back? Are you afraid that you are stuck? Let this time be a reminder that you are never stuck.

In pagan teachings and ancient religions, it is thought that the maiden Goddess has reached her peak. She is the manifestation of growth and renewal and rebirth. Everywhere around us, her fertility is obvious- new ideas are beginning to emerge, new life is emerging, and everything in this world has a sense of renewal to it.

What will you do with this new beginning?