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While you might not have a lot of loyal friends, you have at least one and that counts for something. This friend can be someone you’ve known for a very long time or someone you’ve only met in recent years, that doesn’t matter too terribly much. 

Having a loyal friend always gives us someone to turn to. This person we know will always tell us the truth and always has our backs. When we need them, they are there and vice versa. You and this person are both on the same page and comfortable around one another in big ways. 

While a lot of people overlook the importance of friendship, you should not be one of those people. Having at least one person you can truly trust is crucial in this world. Friends might come and go sometimes but your true loyal friends will stick by your side once you’ve identified them and made sure they know that you appreciate them. 

Below I am going to go over some of the benefits of having at least one true loyal friend. These are benefits worth having in your life and you shouldn’t shut them out just because someone else has hurt you before. At the end of the day, we’re all only human, and we need one another.

6 Reasons Having At Least One Loyal Friend Is Important:

1. They will stand by you no matter what you’re going through and you can trust them.

When you have someone in your life that cares for you and is someone you can trust it makes you feel a lot better. These kinds of friends aren’t the ones who leave you when times get hard. They still check-in and ask if you need anything and really do all they can to try and help you in your times of need.

2. They help encourage you to do more and be more in big ways. 

While not everyone will be this way your loyal friend(s) will always try to push you to be the best version of yourself you can be. They want to see you chase your dreams and find true happiness. They don’t want you to just waste away or sit around while your talent rots.

3. They will not let you waste your time and effort on people who talk crap about you.

Even if you only have one loyal friend, that one loyal friend will make up for all of the crappy ones you’ve had. He/she will call out others who run your name through the dirt and make sure you know your worth. They won’t sit around while everyone walks all over you.

4. They will boost your self-esteem.

These kinds of friends are great at making us feel better about ourselves. They see us as we should see ourselves and want to help us get to a better place in our own minds. They are constantly building us up instead of tearing us down like others would be.

5. They can and will give you an outside perspective when you need one.

Loyal friends are some of the most honest people you’ll find. They will be willing to give you the outside perspective you need when you need it. Sure, it might not always be what you want to hear, but they still say it. They’re not afraid of making things known that need to be known.

6. They won’t hide things from you or sugar coat them.

If you need to hear something they’re going to let you hear it. They don’t hide things from you or spend their time trying to walk on eggshells so you don’t hear about what ‘so-n-so’ said about you. They get right to the point and are quick to give you the information they know.