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Life and death are two very different things that are connected in a huge way. While death is often very hard to understand and something a lot of people see as a bad thing, it is not always as such.

For some time now, I have been seeing a very adorable animated short movie pop-up on my newsfeed. This short film is about the day Death fell in love with Life and is called ‘The Life of Death.’ While it might not seem like much this short film breaks things down and makes us all feel for death in one way or another.

It is a very beautiful and overly powerful hand-drawn animation that has blown me away time and time again. There are no words and honestly, it makes the short film even better. This short film was created by Marsha Onderstijn. For those who are unaware, she is an animator and storyboard artist from the Netherlands.

On her Vimeo account, you can see several other videos and some even going over the making of this one in particular. She is truly talented. If you have not yet seen this fantastic short film please check it out in the video below. It is truly marvelous.

Life and Death are both two very beautiful and somehow tragic things. This should make you think in ways you might not have otherwise. Sure, staying alive is great but at some point, we all become exhausted and ready to expire. Death has a very important and yet heart-breaking job to do in this world we call home.

(Image Marsha Onderstijn/Vimeo)