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While most people think cats do nothing but sleep and meow all day, they do more than just that. Cats are important for the people who have them in their lives and it has more to do with energies than you might expect. 

Cats are able to remove negative energies from our lives and honestly, they work hard to do-so. Yes, some cats are lazy but does your kitty come to comfort you when you’re feeling down? This is one of the many ways he or she works to help clear you of negativity and allow you to process more properly the things happening around you. wrote as follows breaking down the power of cats:

These people, besides witches and wizards, have always been aware of the powers that cats have. These powers come from the exacerbated spirituality that these animals have, like no other on our planet.

Dogs can be extremely helpful in protecting our home from malicious intruders. Cats also, but on the other hand, since they protect the house and ourselves from another type of guest that nobody wants to receive: negative energy.

Have you ever watched closely the behavior of a cat? It may seem strange and mysterious to many people and we agree. Unlike dogs, which are seen as more cheerful and given to people, cats are usually quieter.

They seem to interact with a unique world of them, even if they live with other animals and humans. They do this because they have access to a higher level that no one else sees. This level would be the astral path, wherewith the intelligence they have received from the Divine, they are able to see and navigate wisely.

You may have also seen your cat staring at a fixed spot in the air as if they were seeing something. Probably they are. The Universe is all energy and this energy is in motion constantly, be it good or bad. Having a cat is synonymous with permanent protection against those we do not want to encounter.

Cats are somewhat attracted to negative energy. This is because the more negative energy there is in a specific place the more they feel they need to absorb and transform it. If you have noticed your cat spends more time in a specific room, this could have something to do with it. The more relaxed your cat is the more he or she is hard at work whether you realize it or not. has also noted that cats are capable of protecting people from curses and things of that sort which was written as follows:

Cats also secure you and your family from curses or evil eyes. Just like talismans and necklaces worn in diverse cultures worldwide to secure the wearer from bad eyes, your cat must be close to you in order for it to do its function of protecting you from the evil thoughts of others. To get the entire benefit from the force fields, the right way to carry your cat is by using of your left hand to slowly stroke its neck at the same time using your right hand to stroke it across its tail.

This gives you the opportunity to have total contact with your cat and also to maximize all its protective powers. Cats are believed to have healing powers and with which they fulfill vital functions for their owners. Stroking your cat or simply laying with them can help relieve you from the burden of emotional stress.

As you can see, cats are important when it comes to clearing out negativity and keeping the energies of your home as they should be. I know, not everyone likes cats but having them around does have its benefits, that’s for sure. To learn more about all of this take a look at the video below, if you have a pet cat you should probably thank him or her for the things that he/she is doing in your home.