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There is an adage that says, “Life is short,” and while this little saying might be quick and to the point, it will always ring true. No matter how bad things get for us, we only get one life, and the little things we take for granted now will be major regrets later on.

Have you ever had something amazing going on in your life, that you didn’t fully appreciate nearly as much as you should have when it was happening? I’m sure if you’ve been through this, then you know exactly what that little pang of regret feels like, kicking you in the stomach later on. It’s a bad feeling to realize that you took something precious for granted.

And while this may be a normal response to a busy and stressful life, it doesn’t have to be. When we reframe our perspective to think about things in a certain way, it sticks with us. So keep these following 9 things in mind to never take for granted.

1. A quiet night at home.

I know this is true for me and many others, but it’s so easy to find yourself alone at home with nothing to do and feel bored or frustrated. However, many people do not get quiet evenings at home and yearn for it. On a busy day, we too yearn for a quiet night at home. When you finally get one, rejoice.

2. Someone who truly cares about you.

Talk about regret. Nothing will leave you filled with more regret than looking back at a relationship or a friendship in which someone truly cares about you and realizing you took it for granted. If you have people that love you, don’t ever, ever take that for granted.

3. A great job.

A lot can be said of a great job with good benefits, good pay, and a decent work environment. It’s even better when it’s a great work environment. While this may seem like something that is a given, it isn’t always. And many people are praying for a great job to come along.

4. Your kids.

From the moment they are born, your kids will begin a long laundry list of firsts. At the moment, you may be tempted to feel burned out or frustrated with motherhood, but these precious moments will pass you by. So, be careful not to take your kids for granted.

5. Your parents.

If you have loving parents who are supportive and who raised you, no matter what happens keep them close. There is nothing that compares to the relationship you have with them.

6. Great friends.

Good friends are hard to find. If you have good friends who understand you, love you despite your flaws, and stand by you in the darkest of storms, don’t let go of them.

7. Clean water.

Even in the U.S, many people go without good, clean water. Water is a primary need for us, and drinking a dirty water supply can lead to disease and sickness. For those of us who have clean water, we should be grateful and never, ever take it for granted.

8. Your health.

A lot of times, it’s easy to do unhealthy things for our body, because the version of ourselves that is most impacted by those choices is our future self. When our actions have consequences that are out of sight, it’s easier to do the wrong thing. But, be careful with that mindset. Doing healthy things now for your body like eating well, moving around, and paying attention to your habits is like an investment that will pay you off in longevity and livelihood.

9. The roof over your head.

Having a comfortable place to lay your head is something no one should ever take for granted. Under the wrong circumstances, almost any one of us could become homeless. If you have somewhere warm and dry to go to bed at night, don’t ever take it for granted.