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While you might think getting all dolled up in lingerie is sexy, and it is, there is a lot more to ‘sexy’ than just that. You can make yourself irresistible in ways that you’ve probably never considered if you take the time to really think about things.

Men are not just attracted to half-naked women. There are tons of things that the women in our lives do that really get us going whether they notice it or not. For instance, my wife wearing her hair down really leaves me unable to take my eyes off of her. Her hair is so healthy and beautiful that, seeing it frame her face so perfectly is quite the treat.

That being said, sometimes it is hard to pick up on these things and put them to use because as men we don’t usually flat out ask for them. Below I am going to go over some of the things that can make you really stand out to your man without being too over the top. These things are subtle but make a huge difference. 

9 Things Women Do That Men Cannot Resist:

1. Engaging in our hobbies

There is something very captivating about seeing the woman in your life doing something you love to do. For instance, if you love playing video games seeing her doing the same will really get you going. This is a lot simpler than it sounds and doesn’t take much effort, just try things out.

2. Being confident overall

Confidence is extremely sexy. A woman who knows her worth and is willing to take what she wants is something no man can resist. It just does something that cannot be explained.

3. Sharing a real laugh

Laughing is something we love to see in our partners. The more we laugh with one another the more attracted to each other we become. This kind of thing grows our connection and brings everything full circle.

4. Snuggle up/cuddle

While you might not realize it men love cuddling/snuggling too. Sure, they don’t want to do it all the time, but they almost always get a bit turned on when you’re doing it. The closeness is something hard for us to really separate our imagination from.

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5. Making the first move

Sure, some men prefer to be the ones in charge but most love mixing things up from time to time. If you make the first move you’re not only catching him off guard, you’re also making him feel wanted and needed. A woman willing to take the lead is a woman that is fierce, indeed.

6. Let your hair down

As noted above when my wife lets her hair down it drives me wild so I can agree with this one wholeheartedly. According to a study from not too long ago, most men find women with long hair more attractive than those with short hair. Letting it down is something we just cannot get enough of.

7. Sending flirty text messages or making suggestive phone calls

Send something naughty over the phone, it doesn’t have to be anything crazy or too detailed. Just knowing you’re in the mood for something will really get your guy going. As men, we love being made aware of the fact that we are missed in this way.

8. Making eye contact when being intimate

Eye contact is very important to men especially when it comes to being intimate. The more you’re focused on him the more he’s going to get into things. This will drive him wild.

9. Wearing anything the color red

The color red has been found to make women more attractive to men. This is definitely true in my eyes. Red is my favorite color on my wife and most guys I know agree in regards to the women in their lives. This has a lot to do with the things we associate the color with overall or so studies suggest.

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