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The relationship of any child and their mother is an important one, but when you’re a son, things are a bit different. The bond mothers tend to grow with their sons are something that those who have not experienced them would not truly understand. 

If you’re raising a little boy, then chances are you’ve noticed already how special your connection with him is. The connection you share is one that grows stronger each and every day. Below I am going to go over some things about a mother-son bond that should not be overlooked these things are important and well worth being aware of. 

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9 Things About The Relationship Between A Mother And Son That Should Never Be Forgotten:

1. This bond in itself teaches him how to treat women as he grows.

As he grows up with you in his life, he learns how to treat other women. He learns that he doesn’t want to see you upset and through that, he also doesn’t want to hurt the women close to him in his life. He wants to be someone who can protect, not someone who does harm.

For mothers looking to set a strong foundation for their sons, “Strong Mothers, Strong Sons: Lessons Mothers Need to Raise Extraordinary Men” is a wonderful guide. This book can help illuminate the path of building respect and understanding.

2. Having a loving mother behind him will drive him more towards success.

The more you care for him and nurture him, the more he will flourish. Allowing him to express himself while supporting him properly will bring out a side in him most will never see. You as his mother are capable of so much.

Encourage his aspirations with Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men.” This book provides insights into what drives young men to succeed and how mothers can be the catalyst.

3. This bond will allow you to pass down lessons you’ve learned.

As he grows up, he will learn a lot from you. The more you share your struggles and past with him, the more he may come to understand. Your life lessons can be and should be passed down within reason.

To share life lessons and stories with your son, consider diving into The Boy’s Guide to Growing Up: Choices and Changes during Puberty. It’s a wonderful way to open up conversations and pass down wisdom.

4. Mothers help with emotional intelligence.

The more you teach your son to express his emotions properly, the more emotionally intelligent he will become. If you force him to bottle things up like most people do with their sons, things will only end with him feeling left out and unhappy. He needs to be able to turn to you when his heart is hurting.

Support his emotional growth with Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys. This book delves into the complex emotional lives of boys and offers advice on fostering their emotional intelligence.

5. The more he sees things affecting you, the more he will work to change them.

As your son, he doesn’t want to see you hurting. The bad things that happen in your life will affect him because he will see how they affect you. You might not see it just yet, but he wants to protect you more than you could ever imagine.

If you’re seeking a way to address challenges together, Mother & Son: The Respect Effect might be an ideal read. It provides insights into how sons interpret their mother’s emotions and actions.

6. The more time he spends with you, the better he will be at expressing himself.

When we spend time with our mothers, we really come to understand that it’s alright to have feelings and that expressing ourselves is normal. They teach us that if we express ourselves in the right way, we can really show the world who we truly are. That in itself is an amazing feat.

Strengthen your bond through effective communication. The Power of Showing Up: How Parental Presence Shapes Who Our Kids Become and How Their Brains Get Wired offers guidance on creating a lasting connection with your child.

7. As his Mother, you’re the first woman he’s ever loved.

Because you are his mother, you are the first woman he ever loved. You brought him into this world and from the very moment he saw you, he knew you were going to care for him. He knew he could always turn to you and even now, he still does.

8. You from an early age teach him to keep his own well-being in mind.

Mothers are very important, and they teach their children a lot. One of the most important things they teach their sons is that they should always keep their well-being in mind. You should help others but not at your own expense. If you’re going to do good in this world, you must ensure you have what you need.

9. The better your bond with one another, the more he will come to you in times of need.

The more you bond with your son, the more he will come to you when he needs you. While this might not sound like much, it is very comforting knowing that your child can feel comfortable enough to bring his troubles to you. This is a closeness that cannot be compared to anything else.