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We all procrastinate on some level, that’s just how things are but as human beings, it’s better to procrastinate less and get more done. The more you get done the more free time you have and well, in this day and age that in itself matters a lot more than we realize.

Below I am going to cover some tips that may be able to help you procrastinate less. While breaking this kind of habit isn’t easy and some of these things might sound a bit silly, doing them will help tremendously. The more you do these things the more productive you will be and in the end, you will have more time to put into areas you’re more passionate about.

9 Tips For Breaking Your Procrastination Habit:

1. Cut down on distractions when you really need to get something done.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV while you work turn the TV off completely. Stop giving yourself distractions and make sure you’re as focused as you should be on what you’re doing. If something is drawing your attention away from the task at hand, you need to make changes.

2. Set proper reminders for things with deadlines.

If something has a deadline, be sure to set reminders. While you might forget about what needs to be done, your phone going off to remind you might help keep things on track. This might seem a bit silly as noted above but it can and will help.

3. Keep in mind all that you will have time for once you’ve finished the task at hand.

Remind yourself of all the things you can do once you finish what you’re working on. While you could take a break finishing things would be more ideal. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about anything and would have time for so much more.

4. Don’t put off starting.

Instead of putting off starting things make sure to start them properly. While taking breaks is procrastinating on some level, not starting at all puts you much further behind. It’s better to do what you can when you can, if nothing else.

5. Tell someone about your plan so they can hold you accountable.

Let someone know what you’re doing so they can check-in and make sure you’re staying on track. This might not sound like much but it makes a big difference. Accountability is something I have found almost always works for me.

6. Break things down so that you feel like you’re getting more done.

If you need to break things down into small sections so that you can get them done, do it. This will make you feel like you’re getting more done all the while helping you progress further. It really makes a huge difference in the long-run.

7. Change the way you talk to yourself within about things you’re doing.

When your inner voice tells you to put something off, counter that thought in a positive way. Remind yourself why it needs to be done and why you should be working on it right now. This will overtime become easier and easier for you to do.

8. Reward yourself/celebrate once something is finished.

When you finally finish something, reward yourself. Celebrate the accomplishment and do something you want to do. This will create a positive mind-set once all is said and done.

9. Break down why it is you’re procrastinating.

Think about why you procrastinate and why you shouldn’t be doing it at all. Consider how much you have to gain by getting things done and where you will be once you finish your tasks. This will help keep you on track.