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Sometimes the way other people feel can really affect us in serious ways. While it might not seem like it, their negative emotions can really weigh us down.

Whether you’re dealing with cranky co-workers or toxic family members allowing them to invade your personal space and suck the energy from your being is not a good idea. We all need to set proper boundaries when it comes to this kind of thing and work to protect ourselves. If you truly want to keep your upbeat demeanor stop letting the people around you project their moods onto you.

Below I am going to go over some of the things you can do to keep your chin up and the Debbie Downers as well as the Negative Nancy’s away. Sure, not all of these will be ideal for everyone but most can be worked into our lives with ease. Are you allowing someone too much presence in your life and how are you going to work to change that?

9 Ways To Keep The Emotions Of Others From Ruining Your Mood:

1. Be willing to ask others if they are alright and show you care.

Sometimes people are down in the dumps because they are really going through something. While they won’t always want to talk about it, if you can get them to it can boost their mood. Sure, it’s not always ideal but it can help in many situations.

2. Do not give in to the misery.

If someone is clearly trying to bring you down and make you feel worse stop giving them power. Ignore them and refuse to give in to their misery. Misery loves company and that’s exactly what they want to make you into.

3. Don’t take it personally.

Don’t let the things that this person says or does get to you on a deep level. They might not realize what they are doing and could be really going through something. Unless you know it’s personal, don’t take it personally. It could have nothing to do with you.

4. Refuse to engage if things are truly bringing you down.

If something is really bothering you about this person, or they’re actually attacking you cut ties. You don’t have to engage if things are severe. Protect yourself above all else and bring things to the attention of those in charge if it’s work-related.

5. Do not feed into the negativity.

Stop letting the negativity get under your skin. Do not address it and do not make things worse. Just do what you can to limit contact with that person and keep pushing on. Sometimes it’s better to just not know.

6. Tell them the truth about what is happening and make sure they understand.

If it’s someone you’re close with talk things out with them. Sit them down and let them know how their negativity is affecting you and what needs to happen. If there are no changes from this point cutting ties is crucial.

7. Stop and breathe if you really need to.

Sometimes we all need a break and there is nothing wrong with taking one. Give yourself a moment to relax and think things through. You are your own person and you don’t have to be defined by the things being pressed into your life.

8. Do not engage in any kind of conflict.

Do not be the kind of person to make the situation worse. Stop trying to engage in the conflict and close yourself off from it. There is no sense in wasting your own time arguing or fighting over something that has nothing to do with the real issue at hand as is.

9. Bring your positive side to the table above all else.

Let your positive side shine! Sometimes being the bright light in the lives of others is a good thing. This could help bring their mood up and thus allow yours to remain positive. While it won’t always work out like this sometimes it will.