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As we move through the last couple of weeks in December of 2019 we are all getting a little antsy. The year 2020 is just around the corner and with that comes an enormous energetic shift. 

Right now things are building up big time as there is a solar eclipse nearing, the end of a decade, a new moon in Capricorn, and so much more. The celestial bodies will be traveling into different signs and even the Sun itself will be conjunct Jupiter in roughly a week or so. Chances are you’re already feeling these things building up and it’s got you a bit off your rocker. 

While we are going to be going over some of the things that we all need to do in the coming days before 2020 gets here before doing that I feel like going over some of these energies is important. Through this, you will also be able to better understand some of the things you might find yourself facing.

This new moon in Capricorn will be on the 26th which also happens to be the same day as the Solar eclipse. While not everyone will be able to see the Solar eclipse we will all be gaining energies from it. This new moon will be bringing forth positivity, excitement, and change for all of us. Paired with the Solar eclipse we will all be facing new beginnings. 

In regards to these energies Astrology King wrote as follows:

The December 26 solar eclipse at 04°06′ Capricorn is conjunct Jupiter as shown in the chart below. So this is going to be a positive solar eclipse because Jupiter is associated with growth, expansion, prosperity and good fortune. The Jupiter good fortune is enhanced by the generous blue trine aspect. And it’s made more exciting because the trine is to Uranus.

These aspects are strong too because the orbs are only just over one degree. The addition of a Mars-Jupiter natured fixed star portending success and ambition leaves no doubt the solar eclipse solar December 2019 astrology is extremely fortunate.

Now, in regards to the energies of the new decade. Because we are closing one door and opening another we’re all going to be facing a serious shift. Things will be dulling down and then lighting back up once all is said and done.

You might find that you’re much more in tune with your higher self and more willing to search within your own soul for answers that are needed before the year to come stems forth. This in itself is a marvelous thing that we should all work to embrace. Sure, we’re going to be facing a lot in the weeks to come but once all is said and done, it will be well worth it.

That all having been said, as promised below you can find a list of things you should work to accomplish in the next few days so that the shifting we’re about to experience does not overwhelm you too drastically. You’re capable of a lot and you can handle all that is headed your way if you do what needs to be done. The year 2020 is going to be monumental for all of us, do not forget that.

9 Ways To Prepare Yourself For The Coming Energetic Shift:

1. Pay close attention to your dreams.

Your dreams can and will give you insight into the coming weeks and potentially even further into the future than that. The more you pay attention to the things your mind presents to you while you are sleeping the more clear the path you need to be on will become. Energies present themselves in some of the strangest ways sometimes and the more open you are to this route the better.

2. Be more open-minded.

Being open-minded through all of this is very crucial when it comes to moving forward. If you want to achieve all that is possible as this shift is happening you have to accept these energies for what they are. Do not close yourself off or refuse to see things from a different perspective.

3. Practice white light protection.

Because these energies are going to be intense practicing white light protection can be very beneficial. All you have to do is meditate and while meditating envision a white light covering your body that will work to protect you. This white light is your means of keeping your own personal energies from being drained.

4. Take back power over your life.

If you want to make the most of the shifting to come you need to make sure that you’re living the life that you want. You need to be making your own decisions and pleasing yourself. Don’t let other people choose how you walk through this world.

5. Take a break if you need one, seriously.

If you really need a break go ahead and take one. Really prepare yourself for the intensity to come. If you’re feeling weird now, things are only going to get worse as these energies make their way to this planet.

6. Smudge your home.

Keep your home and personal space free of stagnant or negative energies. Using whatever tools you prefer, smudge your home properly. Do this at least once a week for the next few weeks while 2020 is coming forth.

7. Stop feeding into the negativity around you.

Do not gossip or allow drama in your life. Close yourself off from negativity and if someone is holding you back, cut ties. You need to be moving forward for yourself not for anyone else.

8. Meditate daily, as frequently as possible.

The more you meditate during this time the more powerful you will become. This in itself feeds into your personal energies and allows you to let go of stress. Don’t underestimate the power of meditation.

9. Pay attention to your intuitive side.

Your intuition might really try to tell you something during this time period and it is up to you to pay close enough attention to pick up on whatever that something is. When you get a real feeling, go with it. Stop ignoring things that are speaking so loudly.