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One of my biggest fears is waking up one day and realizing my whole life has passed before my eyes and that I have missed opportunities. It might sound silly to some, but if you have been there, then you know how very real this fear can be.

Due to this fear, I have made it my mission to lead the best life I can lead. Part of this has been trying to not waste the precious time I have been given. It got me thinking about how people waste their lives and regrets in general. So, I began doing a bit of my research and I gathered some useful hints I thought I would share.

1. Stop waiting for the right moment.

If you are always waiting for the right moment, the right moment will never come. You have to make the right moment. That might sound odd, but hear me out: waiting for the ‘right’ moment is the ultimate form of procrastination.

2. Stop hitting snooze.

This is such a hard one for me, especially when I am worn out. However, I can choose to get up early and start my day with a head start that allows me plenty of time to pursue avenues that make my life better, or I can sleep away my life.

3. Put down the phone.

If most people looked at their screen time, they would be shocked. It is so easy to accidentally pick up your phone and, bam, realize that two hours have passed of nothing but useless scrolling. Think about how much you could accomplish in that time.

4. Practice mindfulness.

There are so many distractions that keep us hostage in our minds. But, when you are never at the moment, your entire life is wasted. Mindfulness is a practice that helps bring us into the present moment, so we can lead more present lives.

5. Stop giving away your power.

As humans, we often give far too much power to things that don’t matter. Too bad habits. Too bad people. To old routines that hold us back. Stop giving your power away and take back your life.

6. Stop being afraid of leaving your comfort zone.

There is nothing good that will ever happen inside of your comfort zone. If you want to change, you are going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

7. Stop living without boundaries.

When you lead a life without boundaries, you waste so much time. You never tell people when they are over the line. You say yes to everything, even if you don’t have time. It’s just a total waste.

8. Stop doing what you hate.

Who wants to always be doing what they hate? If your job sucks and is going nowhere, find a better path. If you are with someone you hate, work on the relationship or move forward. Life is too short.

9. Stop caring what other people think.

At the end of the day, people’s thoughts about your life do not matter. They do not have to answer for your choices, you do.