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Negative thoughts are something we all face be it sometimes or all the time and while they can be hard to overcome, there are things that can help. While these kinds of thoughts can drag us down, learning how to deal with them can in a lot of ways be very freeing.

If you’re experiencing negative thoughts as time passes it can take a serious toll on you, that much you should be aware of. However, the tips below should help with them a lot. While they might not get rid of them entirely they will help put you on the path to figuring out what works for you.

9 Tips For Dealing With Negative Thoughts:

1. Be aware of the negative thoughts before you.

Not everyone realizes they are experiencing negative thoughts in the moment. Be more aware of the thoughts before you. The more you know what you’re dealing with the easier it will be to work through it.

2. Counter negative thoughts with something positive.

For every negative thought you have counter it with a positive one. This won’t be easy at first but in time it will come naturally. I do this quite often and it makes a big difference in how I feel overall.

3. Break those negative thoughts down and question them.

The more you break down the things you’re thinking the easier it will be to identify where they are coming from. Is what you’re worried about really that big of a deal? Are you putting too much of yourself into this? Questions are important at moments like these.

4. Stop obsessing over the things others will think or say.

The things other people say and do are not something you should let define you or how you live your life. If you’re worried about other people more than yourself, you’re messing up. Don’t hold back just because you’re stressed over what the rest of the world will think.

5. Try to stop making big deals out of small issues.

Sometimes we tend to obsess over the wrong things and make the smallest issues into huge problems. Once you break things down, ask yourself if what you’re worried about is something you should really be worrying about. Most of the time you’ll find that it isn’t.

6. Be more present in each moment before you.

While being present in the moment won’t be easy right off the bat, as time continues to pass you will get better at it. Stop worrying so much about tomorrow and focus on today. Take things one step at a time. This is more freeing than you might expect it to be.

7. Open up to someone you can trust.

Find someone you can trust and talk to them about the things you’re feeling. Talking about your feelings will help you work through them. Don’t be afraid to open up, we’re supposed to support one another.

8. Do something that takes your mind off of these negative thoughts.

When you notice your mind becoming clouded by negativity, do something you like to do. Go for a walk, workout, or make some art. Find something you love and dive into it.

9. Count the things you’re grateful for.

While there will be ups and downs in life, remember all the things you’re grateful for. Life isn’t always daisies and roses but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Do your best to talk positively to yourself.