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At times, we may all think we are mental warriors, however, life has a way of bringing out our weaknesses. It is during those times that we realize that we could all use a bit of growth to move past these difficult times.

Building this type of strength doesn’t come from intense workouts, or superficial charms, it comes from building ourselves up from within. And the following is a great place to start.

Stop Focusing on the Negative

Yes, life can be hard, and yes, there are bad things in your life. This is something we all must face, and while that doesn’t make it any better, it means that it is a struggle we all must fight to get to a point in life in which we would feel good and content within ourselves.

Show Gratitude

Take time to realize how good you really have it. Appreciate the victories you have accomplished, and realize that there are blessings in your life.

Let Go if What Doesn’t Serve You

If you are surrounded by toxic people: GET RID OF THEM. If your job makes you feel consistently negative and hateful about life, find a new one. There isn’t enough time in life for you to be living in a cesspool of toxicity.

Be Content With the Life You Have

While we really can’t all be movie stars or rich social climbers, that doesn’t mean we can’t be happy. Spend time with the people you love. Enrich your mind by doing the things you enjoy. And live happily.

Accept the Things You Cannot Change

If you live your life constantly trying to grasp for control over situation and people that can’t be changed, you will never be happy. So stop trying. Instead, accept these things for what they are, and work towards evolving in ways that you can.

Spend Your Time Doing The Things That Make Your Spirit Smile

Take a walk through a meadow. Read a book that makes you think about things from another point of view. Dance like no one is watching, and drink coffee out in the first few moments of the sunrise. The little things that make us content are the things we should make time for.

Find Your Tribe

Not all of us have great families, and not all of us have the best friends in the world. However, what is stopping you from building a tribe of friends that match the beat of your own soul? Nothing.

Work Through Your Deepest Trauma

All of us have endured situations in life that make us feel slightly broken. Work through these moments in ways that work for you. Whether it is through therapy, through yoga, through workshops, or merely by facing them little by little over time, learn to work through them, not against them.

Smile (Even if You Don’t Feel Like It)

Similar to the old adage ‘fake it until you make it’, I am asking one thing from you, smile. Even during moments, it feels almost impossible, make yourself. And smile like you mean it. You may be surprised at the difference it makes for you.