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We think of our homes as our safe places, right? We all want our homes to promote positivity but for some reason, most of us never look into making sure that ours is doing just that.

If your home is not a positive environment, chances are it is taking a toll on your life as a whole. We are all affected by the energies around us. If the bed we sleep in is not comfy or the air around us feels thick, we might be much more negative in general than we should be.

Does your home make you feel at peace? Is it a place you can really be yourself and speak freely? If you aren’t already working to ensure your home has a more positive energy or is at least not harboring negative energies then you probably need to be. Below I am going to go over some of the simple things you can do to make your home a more positive one. While these things might not seem like much, once you have done them you will notice a drastic difference.

9 Ways to Bring Positive Energies Into Your Home:

1. Get rid of any and all clutter if possible.

Clutter, for most people, makes them feel overwhelmed. If you don’t need it, then get rid of it. De-clutter and free up some space. This will make you feel as if a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders in more ways than you might think.

2. Start letting go of the negative things on your mind before you enter your home.

Once you begin letting go of the negative things on your mind before coming into your home, you will really notice a difference. Sit or stand outside of your house and think about your day for a moment. Think about everything that has been troubling you or bringing you down and leave it there at the door. Remind yourself that you can deal with it later if need be.

3. Add some plants here and there.

Adding plants to any room will really help open it up. Indoor plants also help to clean the air around us and that in itself will promote a more positive environment for you and those in your household. Small things like this really lighten the mood more often than not.

4. Smudge each room every so often.

Smudging is something that cleanses the rooms and home in itself. It removed any and all negativity and really allows you to create a new space for positive lights. Smudging should be done every few weeks, as it really makes a huge difference. Click here to learn how to use smudging to clear negative energies from your home.

5. Try to be more organized.

Being more organized might not be the easiest task but it will make you feel better in some form. It will make you feel more accomplished in ways you might not realize. There is a place for everything and when everything is in its place negativity has nowhere to hide.

6. Try to add some more natural sunlight.

Natural sunlight makes a huge difference in the atmosphere of our homes. You might realize that once you are getting more sunlight you actually have an improved mood. We all need sunlight, whether we are getting it directly, or even through a window.

7. Stop letting toxic people come over.

Do not let toxic people enter your home. If someone has a negative energy or tends to really make you feel bad or bring you down they do not need to be entering your safe space. Their energies will remain long after they have left and you will be forced to deal with them.

8. Personalize things a bit more if need be.

Make things more ‘you.’ Personalize your home and the things around you. The more comfortable you are the better. This is your safe space, make it a space you love to be in.

9. Open up the windows and let some fresh air in.

Fresh air is also something we all need. Opening up your windows allows the energies to flow to and from your home. Do not lock all of that negativity inside, let the wind take it away.