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In life, almost every single one of us will have a moment in which we ask ourselves “What is the purpose of life?” And while I won’t go into a full-blown dissertation here on that, to sum it up, I believe our purpose is to connect with other people, enrich the lives of other people and beings, and grow and evolve.

Perhaps the most simple part of becoming a better person is to be a nicer one. It’s not hard to be a nicer person. It won’t require you to go out of your way. And I think it’s something we can all agree on, is that every single human being could be nicer in some way.

If you don’t believe me when I say how easy it is to simply just be nicer, here are 9 easy ways you can be a nicer person today!

1. Be mindful of others.

When you are with other people, be mindful. You don’t know what’s going on inside of their mind, or what stressors are taking place in their life. Speak with kindness, and don’t always assume the worst.

2. Be punctual.

One of the easiest ways to be nicer is to be punctual. If you say you will be somewhere at a certain time, be there. By doing so, you are showing that you are respectful of the time of others, and really, it’s just good manners. Not to mention, in a professional atmosphere, it means you are more likely to thrive.

3. Don’t be critical.

Many of us may joke around and pick at others. But when you are constantly pointing out the faults of others and criticizing everything they do, it can come off as downright cruel. Remember that you are not without fault, and try to avoid being overly critical.

4. Smile.

Smiling is the easiest way to be nicer. Have you ever noticed that if you smile at others, most people will smile back, even if they didn’t seem happy before? Happiness is contagious. Additionally, a lot of times, if you are unhappy and make yourself smile, you will find that after a few minutes of forcing a smile, you feel better. Hence the term, fake it till you make it.

5. Ask about others, more than talking about yourself.

When you are in conversations, try not to talk all about yourself. Actively listen to the other person, ask them about themselves, and avoid trying to redirect the conversation back to yourself.

6. Say please, and thank you.

It seems that more often than not in modern times, people seem to have lost touch with basic manners. It’s easy to use manners, and it’s also a simple way to be a nicer and more kind human. When someone does something nice, say thank you. When you need something passed to you, or done for you, don’t demand it, ask for it with a, please.

7. Live by the golden rule.

Growing up, the golden rule was something my mother stood by, and for good reason. It was simple and a great motto to live by. “Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.” Treat others the way you would want to be treated. You can’t control how others act, but you ALWAYS have control over yourself and how you treat other people. So treat them kindly!

8. Don’t gossip.

In conversations, avoid talking about other people that aren’t present. Especially if it’s just gossip, in which you are judging or saying rude or hateful things. Not only does gossip make you feel worse about yourself, it’s just simply not a kind thing to do.

9. Offer to help.

When you notice someone who needs help, offers it. No matter if it’s washing dishes at a friend’s after dinner, or bringing a dish to that same dinner, or even offering to help an elderly person unpack their groceries at the store, if you seem, someone who needs help, offer it.