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Twin flames are very complicated and complex connections. While we might start off head over heels, sometimes being close to one another is ‘too much’ for one or both parts of the connection itself.

Now, for those who might not be aware twin flame connections are unique relationships we are presented with. Our twin is a manifestation of our complete soul but repeated in the same world as us. The twin in itself is a mirror and rather than being only part of who we are (like the soulmate) it is all of us being presented to us before our very eyes.

This kind of connection can be hard to face and for many is uncomfortable. Because the connection is so intense for the most part people end up stuck in what we refer to as a runner/chaser dynamic. This leaves on part of the connection constantly searching for the other. In order for things to work properly and for the two twins to come together and burn as one they must work through the things they’re facing in this world and manage to get on the same page.

While it might not work for everyone, the steps below can really help you on this journey your twin is facing with you. If you’re far away from one another it can bring you closer be it physically, mentally, or energetically. The more you work towards accomplishing all these steps entail the more positively you will feel about your twin flame connection overall.

9 Steps To Bring Your Twin Flame Closer:

Step #1 – Let Go Of The Past

You cannot move forth with your twin without letting go of the past. The things you’ve done and the things your twin has done do not matter. You both have to be willing to set things aside and be present in the moment before you if you want things to work.

Step #2 – Visualize What You Want

Knowing what you want out of your twin experience is important. Working to visualize things will show the universe a much wider perspective in regards. The more you work to visualize the more the universe will work to make that visualization a reality.

Step #3 – Love Yourself

While we might become so obsessed over our twin that we let ourselves go, focusing on self-care and loving ourselves is important. You matter and you need to have yourself together so that when you do come across your twin and are able to build something together the foundation is already present within your life.

Step #4 – Put Yourself Out There

You won’t be able to catch up with your twin if you’re just sitting at home all the time. Get out there and meet people. Make new friends and create something along the way, your twin might be out looking for you, who knows?

Step #5 – Be Aware Of All You Deserve

Do not settle for people who come across as nice and later turn out to be tools. Your twin is someone you will recognize right off the bat. Sure, dating other people is fine but know what you deserve and what you will not put up with.

Step #6 – Focus On Your Twin Flame Connection

Focus your mind on the connection itself. Whether you’ve found your twin or not that connection is still present. You can come closer to one another through meditation and it can help you find one another in the long-run.

Step #7 – Ground Into Your Authentic Self and Call Out To Your Twin Within

Through meditation go as far within as possible. Really work to call out to your twin. Regardless of where you are on your journey in this life, your twin is going to be connected to you somehow. Your higher form is constantly in contact with his/her higher form.

Step #8 – Stay In The Same Vibration

Once you find a vibration that you feel resonates with your twin flame do your best to remain there. This might be hard but it is well worth it. From here you can really pick up on the energies of your twin as you come closer towards one another.

Step #9 – Be grateful

Whether you’re physically with your twin or not be grateful that you have one at all. He or she is out there and eventually, you will find your way back to one another. Things will be as they should be whether it’s in this life or the next.


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