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Throughout my life, it has been obvious that I am extremely sensitive. Even with the slightest upset, like a horrific news story or movie, I would run to my secret hiding spot and cry until the moment passed. As I grew older, I developed a number of ways to overcome this, even as an introvert.

While it may be your first instinct to run and hide from the things that trigger you, this is actually not effective. Also, you must keep in mind that planning and lifestyle are key in the role that it takes to avoid becoming extremely overwhelmed.

Take time to unwind

Call it meditation, call it relaxation- whatever it is that winds you down, take a moment to unwind and protect your energy. As someone who is sensitive, it may be easy for you to become a bit overcome with all the energies that present to you. With that being said, take a moment to let go of those energies.

Avoid bright lights.

Bright lights can overwhelm highly-sensitive people, so try to avoid them. If you feel like you will be in an area that has extremely bright lights- take measures to protect your eyes or avoid them at all costs.

Steer clear or crowds, or learn to navigate them.

When you know you will be going somewhere that a crowd will be, understand how to avoid becoming overwhelmed. You can do this by finding a less crowded area, and wear protection over your ears, protection for your body, etc.

Prepare for visits with friends, and family.

When family and friends visit it can be quite overwhelming, and in order to protect yourself you must set boundaries and also recognize what it is about those visits that overwhelms you. When the situation arises and you begin to feel overwhelmed- don’t let it happen! Instead, stop the trigger in it’s tracks or walk away.

Keep a bullet journal.

Even our own thoughts can be overwhelming, and a bullet journal is a customizable medium that will allow you to vent, plan, and track your progress. Trust me, if you are an introvert you will love it!

Manage confrontation.

When someone starts getting confrontational, let them know that you do not want to fight. Try to seek a peaceful medium, or walk away. If you know this person is confrontational- avoid them if you can, and if not- try to find a way to work around their need for conflict.

Keep your space organized.

Clutter and chaos can set even the least sensitive people off, so take time to organize, and clear out the clutter surrounding you. Make space for certain things, and remember: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

Know your triggers.

What sets you off the most? Make a list and avoid them at all costs.

Allow yourself time to feel negative emotions.

Sometimes, negativity is a means for us to move through the negative aspects of our lives.