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Have you ever been around someone that every time you were around them, you just felt mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted? These types of people are energetic vampires, and they are best to be avoided.

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid everyone, so in some cases, there are some people you will simply have to limit your interactions with. And knowing the types of people to avoid can be very beneficial in protecting your peace and your energy. After reading over the following list, you will likely have a few people come to mind that match the descriptions.

1. The Complainer

The complainer is never happy, no matter how much everyone tries to accommodate them. They are forever pessimists, always seeking out something they can complain about, and be the victim of. It’s likely after hanging out with one, that you will notice you complain more too, so be wary. Drama Free: How to Create an Authentic, Drama-Free Life” by Nedra Glover Tawwab. This guide helps readers understand and reduce drama in their lives, including managing relationships with those who seek attention through dramatic behavior.

2. The Narcissist

Despite the popularity of the term narcissist, and while I am certain the number of narcissists among us increases daily, I don’t believe there are as many as most belief. With that being said, when you notice that someone is self-obsessed, abusive, and emotionally callous, much like a narcissist-run for the hills!

3. The judgemental.

The judgemental is someone who always has something to say about how everyone else lives, and never considers why. They are always trying to find someone to feel better than, and in many cases, they are hypocritical.

4. The gossip.

We’ve all been around that one person who always wants to talk about other people, especially when they are not around. “Have you heard _____ about ______?” they often ask. And they make everyone feel uncomfortable. Gossip: The Untrivial Pursuit” by Joseph Epstein. This exploration of gossip offers insights into why people gossip and how to navigate conversations that aim to demean or spread rumors about others, promoting healthier dialogue.

5. The faker.

When I say ‘faker’ I mean someone who is completely fake. They have no true identity, and everything about them is fake or forced. They are whoever they are around in that moment.

6. They know it.

There is always one person, who, no matter how much they lack experience and knowledge about something, always believes they know everything about it. You know, that keyboard warrior who tells everyone how to parent, or how to take care of their own body? The person who would correct a doctor on how to carry out a surgery? Those people will destroy your happiness.

7. The conversation hog.

While it’s one thing to just be a genuinely talkative person, it’s another to always take over a conversation, interrupt others and ignore everything someone else has to say to talk about yourself. And after a while, this type of person will drain you dry.

8. The attention wh0re.

Much like the conversation hog, the attention whore wants all the attention on them. However, the attention whore will go to great lengths to get attention, acting out, yelling, or acting theatrically, to ensure everyone is looking at them.

9. The self-destructive.

And then, there is that person who is always destroying their own lives by being irresponsible and spontaneous to a fault. They constantly are causing harm to themselves and others, seemingly on accident. However, after this happens multiple times, it’s no longer an accident. Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions” by Johann Hari. Hari’s book provides insight into the underlying issues that drive self-destructive behavior and offers a new lens through which to understand and support individuals struggling with these tendencies.

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