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When it comes to making things work of course you need effort on both sides, but if you’re not putting forth the right efforts things are going to be complicated at best. Marriage might sound great, but if you’re not both on the same page, things will never work.

Below, I am going to go over some things that you and your partner both need to work on if you want your relationships to last overall. Sure, things might seem great at first, but if you’re not caring for one another in the right ways, the whole situation will fall apart quickly. We all have needs and everyone should be taken care of when it comes to this kind of thing. 

9 Traits That Will Help Make Your Marriage Last:

1. Honesty

The more honest you and your partner are with one another the better. Before getting married at all in the first place, you need to be sure that you are both able to tell one another basically anything. There should be no secrets.

2. Compassion

Compassion is important for all connections of this world. You need to be able to sympathize with your lover and help him/her to feel better. After all, you’re each others most prominent support system.

3. Appreciation

When we are with someone we need to appreciate that person and all they do for us. Sure, it might not always seem like it, but we are always caring for one another even if just in small ways. Those simple little efforts make up something huge, and a little ‘thank you’ here and there can seriously cultivate true positivity within your marriage.

4. Trust

If you and your lover are not able to trust one another, things will never work. You both need to be able to trust each other in all possible ways. When something is going on, you need to be able to sit down and talk it through above all else.

5. Respect

You and your partner need to respect one another. That general sense of respect is where your boundaries will lie and how you will grow as a couple in life. There is nothing wrong with being two separate people, and sometimes we tend to forget that. However, when we have a good sense of respect, we keep it at the forefront of our minds.

6. Acceptance 

You as partners need to be able to accept one another as you both are. You should never get into a relationship hoping to change the other person. Love does not work like that. People do not change unless they want to change, period.

7. Commitment

Marriage is a serious commitment and the more aware you are of that the better. You need to be willing to take care of yourself and your partner on a deep level. You can’t just decide months down the road that you’re tired of helping with the load itself.

8. Patience 

We all make mistakes in life, and we all do things that sometimes come across as complicated. You have to be patient with your partner and be willing to talk things out. No one is a mind-reader.

9. Forgiveness

 As a couple, you and your lover need to be able to forgive one another. Marriage is full of ups and downs, and sometimes we mess up without even realizing it. Without being able to forgive, you will never flourish properly.

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