Sometimes, the people we would have never expected to cheat on us, and leave us broken-hearted, are those ones that end up betraying us the most. And while it isn’t always easy to spot a cheater, there are a few traits that almost all cheaters share.

If you have been cheated on before, and fear experiencing the pain all over again, you are not alone. And to help, check out this list of typical traits to watch out for.

They try to avoid having their partners access, see, or even sometimes hear their phone.  

When your partner constantly carries their phone with them, even if they are walking across the room, or if they constantly hide who they are communicating with, this is a bad sign.

They still engage their partner physically. 

Contrary to what most people think, cheaters don’t stop making moves with their partner. Oftentimes, they may continue to engage their partner to appear normal. 

They suddenly become suspicious of you.

If your partner begins accusing you of cheating, without any true reason, it’s likely that they are feeling guilty about something and projecting it on you. 

Cheaters stay on their phones, constantly.

While everyone loves their phones, it isn’t normal for your partner to stay on their phone all hours of the day, and during times they would normally focus on you.  

Most cheaters have cheated before they cheated on you. 

If they cheat on you, they have probably cheated before. Cheaters are usually serial offenders. 

They flirt with everyone.

If your partner is constantly engaging in flirtatious behaviors with other people, this is a major red flag. While some people may just be naturally charming, someone who goes out of their way to flirt with other people, is probably up to no good.

Cheaters pick fights after they begin to engage in cheating behaviors.

When things have been smooth sailing, and all of a sudden, your partner is nitpicking you, you may need to look into the situation a bit more deeply. 

They avoid your calls. 

When your partner is away, and they don’t answer you, perhaps for even hours, this is a bad sign. Trust your instincts.  

They are insecure. 

Oftentimes, cheaters have a very poor self-image, and because of this, when attention of any sort, especially physical is received, they are more likely to jump on the opportunity.

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