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When it comes to moving through this life we all go about things in our own ways. Some of us are more friendly and outgoing while others are for the most part closed off and unwilling to grow new connections. 

While it might seem like being a lone wolf might be a bad thing, there are lots of perks that come with it. You might be a bit less enticing to the people around you and you might have to spend more time alone but you also get to know yourself on a deeper level than most other people ever will. The more you grow with yourself the more capable you are of accomplishing all you want in this world.

Below you will find a list of things that can and will help you embrace your lone wolf status when you’re struggling the most. These things should be done to help you really maintain that sense of freedom that you crave. Sure, sometimes you might think that faking it and going with the flow that others do is the answer to all of your problems but I assure you, it is not.

9 Tips On How To Embrace Being A True Lone Wolf:

1. Be willing to accept the hard work that comes forth as you face it.

When it comes to being a lone wolf there is a lot of hard work surrounding it. You have to provide your own support and face things on your own most of the time. Rather than having someone by your side every step of the way, some movements are made completely on your own.

2. Don’t let the backlash get to you, it just proves you’re doing better than most.

When other people see you accomplishing things on your own they will come to try and tear you down. This is just a sign that you are achieving things you should be in this life and that others are jealous. Jealousy in many ways is one of the more common roots of evil and the more you succeed the more it will show in the people you see from day to day. Keep the most evil at a proper distance.

3. Listen to your intuitive side.

Your intuitive side will never steer you wrong. The more you listen to that inner voice the stronger you will become. If something needs to be made known to you, your intuition will be quite clear.

4. Stop being so willing to accept the world as it is, question everything.

The world is not always what it seems. Sometimes we are not quite capable of seeing through the grapevines until we being questioning things properly. The more you question the more you will find.

5. Become as in tune with your higher being as possible.

Your higher self is much more capable of being aligned with you on a proper level when you are on your own and doing all you can to follow the right path in this life. While it might be hard and you might really struggle, your higher self will begin to reveal itself piece by piece. The more closely you pay attention to this the more clear things will become in regards.

6. Cultivate a proper sense of love for yourself.

As a lone wolf, you need to be able to love yourself and able to tell when stepping forward or stepping back is necessary. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a break and sometimes we are not quite as capable in the moment as we assumed we were. The more you love yourself the more you will be able to grow through these situations.

7. Stop obsessing over the opinions and thoughts of others.

The things other people say, do, and think about you or about your life does not matter. You are the person in charge of the things that happen to you and you need to be willing to keep that in mind. The more you obsess the more distant from your true purpose you will become.

8. Come to understand that your path is one that must be walked alone.

The more you work at understanding yourself and your life path the better you will be at getting things done. Sometimes in this life, we have to spend time alone to understand where we are headed and to work through the problems we are facing. This doesn’t mean you will be a lone wolf forever but at the moment this is all you need.

9. Take the time to really get to know the people who actually matter around you.

Even the lone wolf has a few friends and you should keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with that. You can be close to a few people without putting yourself out there to the point where this world will take advantage of you. Your inner strength when cultivated properly will prevent that and you have to trust in yourself.


Intuition training – Jack Canfield