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While not everyone realizes this, communicating with your kids is very important. They need to be talked to and really understood properly if you want them to be content in life and able to grow in the ways they need to.

Sure, some parents might have trouble with telling their kids they’ve done a good job or things of that sort, but it is something they should be willing to work on. As a parent who loves his or her child, you should be telling them the things they need to hear. This meaning the things that come easily as well as the things that are hard to get out.

Below, I am going to go over several things that parents should always make sure they tell their kids in the right situations. These things will really help your kids to see things properly and allow them to better themselves in ways they otherwise might not. These words teach them more than most would expect, and by being unwilling to say some of these things, you might be holding your kids back.

9 Things Your Kids Need To Hear:

1. You can do this.

While kids might fail a lot, they need to know that they can get through the things before them. The fact that you, their mother or father believe in them will help motivate them. Life can be crazy and having you on their side will help your child really become more of who they have always needed to be.

2. It’s okay to make mistakes.

Your kids need to know that we all make mistakes. No one is going to be able to get through life without making some kind of mistake here or there. This kind of thing helps us find ourselves and it’s important.

3. I love you.

Your children need to know that you love them. You as their parent need to show them that no matter what they’re going to be loved. They might fall and mess up sometimes but you’re their parent and you should love them unconditionally.

4. I’m listening.

Not many people realize how important it is for children to be heard. They go through life being ignored on a level we as adults do not want to be ignored. Show them the attention they deserve.

5. I’m sorry.

We all make mistakes and when you make a mistake, apologize to the person that mistake affects, yes even your kids. If you owe your kids an apology don’t keep yourself from giving them one.

6. This is something you have to face.

We all go through a lot of things in life and well, your kids need to be aware of that. We all have issues and if we never deal with the problems we’re having, we won’t get very far in the end. As we move through life showing our kids this is a truth they cannot avoid will help them in lots of ways.

7. I forgive you.

As noted above we all make mistakes and saying sorry then making up for the things that happened can be important. That being said, forgiveness is also important. Your children need to know that within reason, forgiving someone for something they did is going to have to happen in life.

8. I am proud of you.

As a mother or a father, you should be proud of your children. No, they might not be as successful as the children of others, but they are making progress and you can see the things they’re doing well in life. This will help them later in life more than you know, confidence is key.

9. There is nothing wrong with being yourself or even not knowing who you are.

We all should be ourselves and your kids need to move through life knowing that more and more. Encourage them to be themselves and break the mold when they see fit. While there are things we have to do in life, there are also things that we can avoid or overlook to be truly who we are.