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When it comes to being in a relationship compromise has to happen but there are some things we should never budge on and those things can really make or break a connection. While mistakes happen and no one is perfect, we have to know our worth and be aware of what we will and will not put up with. 

This world is a very small one even though it may not seem that way and what goes around does really come back around. Perfection does not exist and while we cannot expect our partners to be angels, we can expect them to respect us. There are tons of things that can be forgiven in this life but the following things should be clear signs it’s time to walk away. Sometimes a second chance is not worth giving.

9 Things You Should Never Tolerate:

1. Refusing To Change (After Mistakes)

When we allow someone the chance to change after making a mistake, and they fail to change, we shouldn’t keep giving them more chances. They will never grow if we do not cut ties. When no effort to correct the issue is made, moving on is your best bet.

2. Being Made Fun Of

We should never allow our lovers to make fun of us. Sure, joking is fine but actually body shaming and poking fun is never okay. We as lovers are supposed to support one another and make each other feel amazing.

3. Being Forced To Be Someone You’re Not

If your partner is trying to turn you into someone you’re not why waste your time with him/her? When we find love we’re supposed to accept each other as we are, not try to turn each other into our perfect versions. Life just doesn’t work this way.

4. Refusing To Take Responsibility

If your partner is never able to really take responsibility for the things he or she does then perhaps you are with the wrong person. We all have to be true to ourselves and own up to the things we do. Whether they’re having you follow them around like children or making you do things for them, this becomes exhausting quickly.

5. Guilt-Trips

Someone who guilt trips you into doing what they want doesn’t deserve a place in your life. You should be with someone who does nice things for you because he or she wants to not because he or she wants to get something from you. Love isn’t about what we can gain from one another but more-so what we can offer one another.

6. Emotional Invalidation

You should never waste your time with someone who refuses to see you for who you are and accept your emotions. We are all very emotional people and the emotions you feel should be shared. Just because your partner doesn’t like how you’re feeling doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to feel the things you’re feeling.

7. Refusing To Apologize

When we make mistakes we have to apologize. If your partner never admits when he or she has done something wrong things are never going to go over easily. This turns even the smallest things into the biggest issues.

8. Inability To Communicate

Communication is extremely important when it comes to relationships. If you cannot be personal with one another and talk about the problems you’re having things will never work. Communication is something you can never go without in a relationship.

9. Gaslighting

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation that should never be tolerated regardless of who you’re with. In a relationship, everyone should be on the same page. No one should be made out to be someone they are not.