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As we move through life we want to share things with others but there are some things we should keep to ourselves. While there will be a few people we can share the important things with, we have to be careful.

Far too often we overshare with toxic people. We let the wrong people too close and end up giving people something to use against us. Unless someone has proven to you that they are worthy of your trust, don’t share the following things with them, period.

9 Personal Things You Shouldn’t Be Sharing With Other People:

1. Never share your weaknesses.

Sharing your weaknesses with other people gives them something that they can use against you. The more they know about your weaknesses they more they can work towards bringing you down if they choose to do-so. Your vulnerable side isn’t something everyone who comes into your life needs to be aware of.

2. Never share your plans for the future.

While it is fine to share your plans for the future with those closest to you, the people who aren’t within your inner circle don’t need to know where you’re headed in life. Keeping your goals to yourself within reason gives you more motivation to push through. Those who aren’t helping you build your future have no reason to know about it in the first place.

3. Never share your achievements.

Sure it feels good to brag about the things you’ve accomplished but that doesn’t mean you should go around doing it. The more you end up looking like a douche. Sure, there is nothing wrong with sharing your achievements with your closest friends but unless it’s someone who will care, why waste your breath?

4. Never share your relationship struggles.

We all go through struggles within our relationships and those issues are for us and our partner to face on our own. While within reason advice is sometimes needed overall sharing too much in regards can damage our relationships further. If you want things to work out romantically you should keep your problems between the two of you and work them out together.

5. Never share your material possessions.

You might have accomplished a lot in life and managed to buy nice expensive things but that doesn’t mean showing off is a good idea. Showing off puts you at a place in which you look like a jerk and also makes it easier to target you in ways you might not expect. Have those nice things and appreciate them on your own, don’t try to make others jealous.

6. Never share your income specifics.

No one around you needs to know how much money you’re making. Your income specifics should be something only you know about. No one is above or below you, we are all on the same level.

7. Never share your acts of kindness.

You should do kind things and be there for those in need but don’t go around touting about it to the whole world. Acts of kindness should be done in silence, we shouldn’t expect recognition for them. When we do kind things we do it to help and better this planet not to get a pat on the back.

8. Never share your family issues.

While you might be going through some serious family issues those outside of the family don’t need to be aware of the specifics. These issues are not yours alone to share and you need to remember that. Be mindful of the people you call family and keep their best interest in mind above all else.

9. Never share your struggles.

Your struggles are yours alone, those around you shouldn’t be aware of the things you’re going through. Unless they have proven that they are trustworthy and willing to be there for you when you need them the most they have no place being aware of your problems in life. We all go through things and a lot of the things we face are just hard to explain overall as is.