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Failure is never something that we look forward to. No matter what we learn from the experience- it can leave you with a bad feeling- but at the end of the day, failure is necessary.

That might sound odd to say, but hear me out. The thing about failure is- it’s practice. Each time we fail, we learn something new that can help us to push forward in a better way. After a time or two, we can figure out what the right way is, so we can finally achieve our goals. It might sound cliché, but failure is necessary.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that when failure happens that it’s wrong to be upset. Failure is upsetting. No one wants to go bankrupt, get fired, get dumped, make a crucial mistake on a project, or get off track with health or fitness goals. It is a crappy feeling if I am being honest. However, if you pay attention to the lessons failure is trying to teach you-you might be surprised at how much you begin to grow.

Here are 9 things you can learn from failure.

1. Failure is not the end.

Until you fail pretty big, failure may always seem like an elusive ghost that you are always trying to outrun. It can even have you thinking that if you fail, that’s it. However, failure is not like life in Mario. You can have as many chances as you allow yourself. Failure isn’t the end. It’s a turning point if you accept it as such.

2. It shows you how to redefine your priorities.

When we first set out on a journey, we will have a particular vision in mind. Our priorities will align with our vision. But, when you fail-you may have to revisit and redefine those priorities.

3. Humility.

If you are always winning in life, you can begin to think you are invincible. However, upon failing you will learn a valuable lesson and one that teaches you humility.

4. Revision.

As I stated before, when we begin down a path, we oftentimes have a vision. But, when we fail, our vision may end up skewed. While this can be disarming-when you can re-imagine and come up with a new vision each time you fail, you will be able to adapt your strategies until you finally achieve what it is that you are aiming for.

5. Who your people are.

During times of failure, fake friends, flakey co-workers and crappy partners will be exposed. This hurts, but at the end of the day, you are weeding out the wrong people and placing the right ones in the limelight.

6. Failure does not exist.

Ultimately, failure is an illusion. Failure does not exist if we continue finding new ways to approach things until we finally get where we want to be.

7. Our learning journey never ends.

We are perpetual students of this life. There is a limitless amount of learning that can be done, and any time you assume you know it all is when you will find out something new and different that challenges your beliefs. Failure teaches us that no matter how much we think we know-there is always more to know.

8. The need to take risks.

At the beginning of a journey, we are much less likely to take risks. However, as time moves forward, we will begin to see that risks are necessary sometimes. And if you never take the chance (risk) you will never allow yourself to find out what you can do.

9. You learn what you are made of.

Overall, in times of failure-you learn more about yourself than anything. You learn what motivates you, and what holds you back, and you learn how you approach hard times. Ultimately, you learn how to strengthen and motivate yourself, even in the face of hardship.