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Your aura is a very important part of who you are and how your energetic body manifests in this world. While it might not be something you can see, it is something that works to protect you in more ways than you can truly fathom.

Now for those who may need a bit more of an explanation the human aura is something we all have and it is something that consists of our energy field. It is the manifestation of the energies radiating from within our being and is directly connected to our inner chi and chakras as a whole. While everyone has their own unique aura, they do have some things in common and can be affected by similar issues depending on where you are in your life journey.

When our aura is not as it should be we will begin to feel physical representations of it winding down and in many cases become quite drained and overwhelmed. When we find that our aura needs some help to cleanse it and working to heal it is important. Below I am going to go over some of the different things that can affect our auras if you’re allowing these things to be present in your life you’re harming yourself in more ways than you know.

9 Things That Will Negatively Affect Your Aura:

1. Not putting your own needs before the needs of others.

When we place the needs of others before our own our aura suffers. We refuse to nurture it properly in this sense and as a result, it will dwindle. This is not something we should ever allow to happen. We must be willing to take care of our own needs before the needs or wants of others, above all else.

2. Not working through soul loss properly.

Soul loss for those who might not know is something that happens more frequently than most realize. While this can occur for a lot of reasons if we refuse to work through it our aura will fall apart as a result. When this happens we lose part of our soul in a sense and without working to find it and work through the toxicity keeping it from you, your inner workings and chi will become quite blocked off.

3. Refusing to properly connect with the higher beings of this world/universe.

We are all sitting here on this planet working to connect to something more. If you’re not tapping into the higher beings that keep everything we face in check, you might notice some negative things stemming forth. The more tuned in you are the more abundant your aura will become.

4. Not properly grounding yourself before going out and about.

When we get up each morning we should be working to ground ourselves so that we are protecting our auras and personal energies as a whole. If you’re not doing this you are putting yourself at risk. You need to be careful in the way that you move through this world, especially when it comes to your day-to-day life.

5. Refusing to let go of negative emotions or energies.

There are a lot of different things that happen in our lives and holding onto those things can bring us down drastically. If you are not capable of letting go of the bad things you’ve faced your aura will eventually represent that. The negative things you lock inside eventually make their way to where they are leaking into your aura and bringing forth darkness in your life.

6. Not taking the time to cut etheric cords that no longer serve a purpose in your life.

When someone leaves our lives we need to work to cut cords with them. If we do not do this they will be attached to our auras and able to feed off of our energies whether we’re still on speaking terms or not. Please remember how important this is and do not let yourself forget to do it especially when you’re feeling down about things you cannot find the words to explain.

7. Taking on too much and being unwilling to say ‘no’ from time to time.

We all need to know how to say no in our lives. You should never be taking on too much or doing things you do not want to do. Your life is your life and if you want a positive and happy aura you need to feed positivity into it. Do not force things to play out in a negative manner without noticing it.

8. Sleeping with your phone or other electrical devices by your side.

We should not be sleeping with electronics. These things will affect your aura whether you want to accept it or not. They have their own energies, and they can pull from ours in ways you might not truly be able to fathom right now. Try leaving your phone on the other side of the room tonight and see how much better your quality of sleep plays out to be, please.

9. Feeding into the drama of others.

When we allow drama in our lives we allow others to feed off of us freely. Rather than protecting ourselves and closing off from those who prey on the weak, we through engaging are making things worse on ourselves. Drama should have no place in your life if you want a strong and powerful aura.