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No relationship or person is perfect, but there are some behaviors and tendencies that just simply cannot be tolerated. And every strong woman realizes that.

Being strong doesn’t mean you are cruel or expect perfection. It doesn’t mean you have unreachable standards, but it does mean you understand what you bring to the table and know what you deserve. Knowing what you deserve and not expecting anything less is one of the strongest things you can do for yourself and one of the greatest things you can do in your life.

Here are 9 things strong women never tolerate in a relationship.

1. Disrespect.

Respect is fundamental to a relationship. And strong women respect themselves. Because of the high amount of respect they have for themselves, they won’t tolerate anyone else disrespecting them.

2. A controlling partner.

A strong woman is highly-independent and does not want to be controlled. She is her person, and she doesn’t want to be told where to go and when to be back. While she will respect your boundaries- don’t try to control a strong woman.

3. A gaslighting partner.

A strong woman will not put up with gaslighting. She knows the truth and she understands her reality. If you try to make her second guess it, your attempts will only bite you in the ass. A strong woman refuses to tolerate gaslighting.

4. Emotional abuse.

A strong woman doesn’t take the abuse of any kind. And while sometimes emotional abuse can be hard to spot, a strong woman will listen to her gut and walk away if she feels her emotional peace is being disrupted.

5. Excuses.

Sometimes, things fall through, a strong woman can see that. But, when you make excuses time and time again, always pushing her to the wayside, she will see it, and she won’t continue to stand for it.

6. Lying.

Do not lie to a strong woman. She may not realize it right off the bat, because she will give you the benefit of the doubt. But, once she catches you in a weave of lies, all bets are off.

7. Cheating.

No matter how hard you try to justify your actions, if a strong woman catches you cheating, that’s it. She won’t blame herself, and she won’t forget your actions. She may one day forgive you for her sanity- but she won’t stand by and let you destroy her.

8. Lack of empathy from their partner.

A strong woman carries herself with a strong mind and much compassion for others around her. When her partner continues to lack compassion and overlook her feelings, it’s a deal-breaker for her.

9. An invalidating partner.

Strong women only share their deepest emotions with people they trust. If a strong woman comes to you with her emotions, whether they are good or bad, and you invalidate them or shut her down, she notices. And if you continue to invalidate her, she will not tolerate it.