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Words have power, whether we want to admit that or not. While we all make mistakes, it’s important to be mindful of the words we use with our little ones, because our words can either make or break them.

While harsh words can tear them down, positive words can help them to become more confident and secure in themselves. You may not be able to control many things, but you can control how you speak to your child. Self-esteem is so important because kids with high self-esteem are more successful and happier in the long term. If you would like to do whatever you can to help build your child up, here are some powerful, confidence-building phrases you can use.

1. You’ve got this.

Kids don’t always believe in themselves, but they believe in us. They know that we can see what is what, so when they get our vote of confidence, it makes them believe in themselves.

2. I believe in you.

You have faith in your child’s ability and can see in them something they cannot see in themselves all of the time. When you point that out, it empowers them.

3. You are capable.

As parents, our words become our child’s internal dialogue. We can either fill their head with criticisms or with motivational words. Just remember, that our inner dialogue is often what pushes us to keep going or holds us back and blocks us.

4. You can do hard things.

Kids often think of hard things as the end of the world. They have no scope for which of those hard things is dangerous or impossible. when they experience anxiety, their body is telling them they cannot do the hard thing. It’s our job to remind them that while it is hard- they can do it.

5. No matter what, I still love you.

Ultimately, our kids are afraid to disappoint us. They want our approval so badly, that they often fear messing up. Remind them that no matter what, you love them.

6. How’d you do that?

Make sure you ask questions. Build them up in subtle ways. When you ask for their guidance, it makes them feel strong and sure of themselves.

7. You are enough.

I feel like deep down, we all worry we are not enough. We worry we aren’t strong enough. We worry we aren’t smart enough. It’s your job to remind them they are enough.

8. You make me proud.

You may believe your child knows you are proud of them, but they need to hear it from you. They need to know it with every fiber of their being. Remind them of this always.

9. I know it’s hard, but I’ve seen you do it before.

Sometimes, they just need a reminder that they have done it before. Anxiety lies to us. Be the voice of reason.